How to Make a Spring Wreath

Good Morning and happy first day of Spring! We’re so pumped to again go live with you all on WCCO showing you some fun DIY spring ideas for your home. We’re not only showing you guys how to make some fun spring wreaths but also chatting on some easy DIY succulent ideas.

I know when you think of wreaths, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Christmas. We totally agree, Christmas wreaths are probably our favorite but why stop at the holidays? They are such a fun and easy way to add some excitement to your front door or those blank walls.
We’ve been on WCCO before chatting about winter wreaths in our segment, Christmas Decor that Will Last the Winter. Being winter is now over, it’s time to take those babies down and bring out your spring one and ones that you can continue into the summer.

I like simple, and I love greenery when it comes to home decor. So even though spring so often means lots of colors to go along with that sunshine, I like to keep my colors simple so I don’t get sick of it, and it can last longer throughout the seasons.

I can’t stress how simple and inexpensive these are to make. And fun! Isn’t it fun when people come over and compliment something in your house, and you get to answer by saying “I made it?!” So let’s get to it! Only three steps to making this wreath.


 Step One- Buy Materials

We picked up all of our materials from Hobby Lobby. But I know Michael’s or any other home improvement store would carry as well. The best thing about Hobby Lobby is that they always have sales going on. I don’t think I have ever paid for anything there at full price. Everything we bought to make this wreath was 50% off, meaning we made this wreath for under $15.
  • Grape Vine Wreath | $2.99
  • Greenery, Dried Flowers | $1.99
  • Floral Wire | $2.99
  • Wire Cutters
  • Burlap
  • Scissors



Step Two- Wrap Greenery

Once you’ve gotten the few supplies listed above, clip the greenery off of the stems. Then take the greens and start wrapping them around into the wreath. I always do a little dry run-through and then start wedging all of the pieces into the wreath first and then taking the wire to secure any loose ends. Continue around the wreath until completely covered with greens.

Step Three- Add Some Pops of Color

Lastly, add some fun pops of color or just a simple burlap bow. Sometimes I’ll take pieces of soft yellows or pinks and add in a few stems throughout the wreath. And there you have it! Your super simple Spring Wreath. It’s that easy!

Here are a few more spring wreaths that have inspired us.

When it comes to a lot of home, crafty, and DIY ideas, I always turn to Martha Stewart. I grew up with a very crafty mom and one that loved Martha for her design ideas, so she has always been such an inspiration to me.

Succulent Wreath


Celestial- Inspired Wreath



Hydrangea Wreath


Boxwood Wreath


Looking for more spring DIY ideas for your home decor check out some fun and easy DIY planted succulent projects.

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