36 Weeks Baby Bumping

We’ve officially hit our 9-month mark! I’d say four weeks to go, but we decided to go ahead and schedule our second c-section for the 3rd of May, so we’ve only got a few more weeks left.

We’ve been the worst at documenting weekly or even monthly baby bump photos like you’re supposed to. I think we’ve gotten two bump photo ops in the last nine months. And now it’s almost over, where does the time go?! So here we are just a month away and decided we better get some captured with the big ‘ol belly before it’s gone.

I literally can’t believe we are about to be a family of four so soon. Here I have been just wishing this time away, admittedly being pregnant isn’t my favorite thing in the world. I love feeling every little tiny movement and it completely amazes me what our bodies are capable of. It is just hard work hauling this guy around, definitely can’t move quite as quick!

Now that we only have a few weeks to go, I’m a little sad to think that soon our lives will be different. Not that it’s a bad thing, we just love our one on one time with our G-man so much. We’ve been reading a lot about how going from one to two is a total game changer. And right now going from zero to one didn’t change our lives all that much. We still go out to eat with friends on the fly, stay up late, go to events, you name it. And most of the time we bring our little guy with us. I’m just praying it stays that way when we have #2, or that our friends continue to allow us to come and let our little ones tag along.

Lots to get done in these next few weeks, wrapping up projects and getting things crossed off our to-do list before we chill for a couple of weeks. I am pretty excited to be couch bound for a a little while to just snuggle and write. Nothing can keep me tied to the couch unless I physically have to be, which a c-section will do to you! However, Jamie reminded me that it was only three days I chilled last go around, and I was up and back at it. Oops… haha!

So here are some baby bump photos with just a month left to spare taken by our dear friend Chelsie Lopez.

We can’t wait to meet you, sweet little guy, and join our family snuggles.














Next baby update, we’ll be welcoming our little man to you. EEEEK! So EXCITED!!

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