8 Great Ways to Update Your Living Room

The living room is probably one of the places you spend most of your time. It’s the room where you relax, and feel safe and secure. But, it may also be the room where you entertain or welcome guests. Because of its variety of uses, and the amount of time we spend in it, the living room can be the room you become bored of the easiest. Fortunately, there are some great ways to update and refresh your room, whatever your budget.

Here’s the before of one of our living rooms that we refreshed:



Clutter is one of the things that annoys us most about any room. Have a good clear out. Sell what you can on eBay. If there is any clutter left, you need to rethink your storage.


Painting your walls is an easy, cost-effective way of refreshing the look of a room. Change the color if you fancy something completely different. Calming, light colors are great in a living area, but if your rooms are on the cold side, consider picking warming darks, like burgundy, or navy. If you’re happy with your current colors, just repaint to freshen up the look.

And now the afters:


Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall gives you a chance to experiment with patterns or bolder colors on just one wall. Adding a feature wall is cheaper than redecorating the whole room and, often, more effective.

Add a Mirror

If you have a small living room, adding a large feature mirror is a fantastic way of making the room look bigger. Mirrors come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one to suit your tastes and match your décor.



Try to use natural light as much as you can. Go for light curtains or blinds, and keep them open as much as you can. Then, as well as your main ceiling light, add some smaller decorative lighting. If you read in the room a lot, some lamps make a welcome addition.

Change the Focus

In many modern living rooms, the seating faces the TV, which makes the TV the focus of the room. And it will probably be on for most of the time you spend in there. To change the atmosphere and use of the room, adjust the focus. Move your chairs around, so they face each other, or create a small reading corner, away from other distractions.

Change the Flooring

Floors often get neglected. We stick with the same carpet for years. Flooring is the most drastic change you can make. Switch from carpet to wooden floors, or vice versa, or if you don’t want to make such a large change, add a colorful rug.


Adding some small accessories can change a room completely. Invest in some unique cushions, and a colorful throw to change up your sofa, without having to spend a lot of money on a new one. Adding some pictures to the walls can be a great alternative to painting.

A lot of these jobs you can do yourself, but if you want help with painting, or making some bigger changes, search ‘tradesmen near me’ to find the help you need to get started on revitalizing your living room.

With a bit of time and money, you can create the perfect living room!

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