Andover Guest Bathroom Remodel

Onto the details of our Guest Bathroom Remodel…

Now that we have sold our Andover Remodeled Home we can share all of the fun we had remodeling the home and show you just how easily you can do-it-yourself.

We have chatted about our Living RoomKitchen, and Master Bathroom Remodels so now it is time to share with you our Guest Bathroom Remodel!

Guest Bathroom Remodel

Here is a photo of the before and after of the guest bathroom.

before and after downstairs bathroom

As you can see, this bathroom needed a ton of work. The bathroom felt very small and narrow. The bathroom had a drop tile ceiling that we knew we wanted to get rid of to make the room feel larger. Jamie tore out the drop down ceiling and the framing around the old fiber glass shower, he also opened up the room by moving over the false wall on the left hand side that was taking up unnecessary space.

Downstairs Bath Before

Yes, Mickey had to go…


If you read our last bathroom remodel post you know you always have to remove the vanity, toilet, and tub first. And remember, before you take anything off make sure the water is shut off so you don’t flood your room! The toilet has two bolts that need to be taken off and then you can lift it out. Be careful of the leftover water in the trap. For the sink you will need to crawl into the vanity to unbolt the faucet. Its a pain to do so you can also cut the faucet off from the top if you are planning to get a new one. Again, make sure the water is shut off! Last just detach the vanity from the wall (its probably screwed or nailed) and the demo is done.

Once the room was demo’d it was time to reframe the room. To frame you need 2” x 4”s for the wall frame with the studs 16″ apart. Always remember when picking out your lumber, that you look to ensure the boards have not been warped. Once Jamie got a portion of the room re-framed he hung the dry wall and taped. For this shower Jamie opted for a fiberglass shower pan rather than tiling the shower floor. It saved us some work that Jamie felt was fine to skip on this remodel.


Planning is key to any tile project. Do a dry set of the tiles to make sure your layout will work. Once you have the layout you want mix up the mortar. Use a tile mortar that is designed for your type of tile (it will say on the material) and a notched trowel to make an even coat for the tiles to be set into. Jamie almost always use a 1/4″x1/4″ notched trowel. Make sure to allow at least 24 hours to let the tile sit before you start grouting.



Jamie knew he wanted to build a niche in the shower being there was no tub ledge for the shower amenities. He wanted a different design in the niche so he came up with this design and used 1″x1″ tiles from Home Depot.


One part Jamie don’t like about this shower was that he didn’t cover or hide the raw edge of the tiles on the niche.. Live and learn…


The last thing to do was to decorate! We picked out the vanity, mirror, and light fixtures from Home Depot.


And here are the after photos…

We were both so happy with how the remodel turned out. We painted the walls a light grey. I love the style of these grey and brown tiles because they can really go with another color scheme. 



Bathroom Redmodel


before and after downstairs bathroom

AndoverShowerRemodelAs always, we home the new homeowners enjoy the look of this bathroom as much as we did. We will definitely be using this design inspiration for our future homes.

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