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our kitchen remodel, design style

Our Kitchen Remodel | Design Style

One month down living in a construction zone with two kids and well, the kids are all still in tact. Great success! Our flooring and cabinets have been delivered, and the…

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How much does it cost to demo a kitchen | construction2style

Our Kitchen Remodel | Demo Day!

Demo Day! Unlike most people, not our favorite day. And if you’ve been watching our Instagram stories you know this day happened a few weeks ago and we’ve now just been…

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adding a bathroom to our basement

Basement Bathroom, why not…

As you know, our kitchen remodel is underway. However, we’ve now been at a standstill for two weeks due to permits and inspections.  The story of our life, but we’re…

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A letter from a prisoner | construction2style

A Letter From a Prisoner

“FAMILY: Forget about me, I Love You.” My sister-in-law texted this to me the other day, a takeaway she got from work. I wrote it down and have read it every…

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how to improve social media for your business | construction2style

How to Improve Social Media for your Business

Tonight I am speaking with the Beautiful Chaos & Covey Collective, a group of powerful females who gather with intention. Sarah Martin, owner of Beautiful Chaos-Interior Design.Renovations.Styling and Dre Barthel,…

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