Baby be Coming!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…a Nursery!! And we are in the final countdown of becoming a family of 3. Less than 7 weeks to go! Things are getting real.

It feels like yesterday when we first found out that we were having a baby!! People say the nine months will fly by but Ufta! This little dude is going to be here before we know it!

The room has come a long way from what was a blank canvas not too long ago…

Nursery Room Remodel

I wish I could say that the nursery has been under construction for awhile now but in reality we scrambled to start and finish it (to at least be presentable) the week before our Big Reveal PartyBefore Nursery Room And though we are not entirely done decorating the room, we have had a lot of of our friends asking us for details of the theme of the nursery so we thought we would share what we have done so far.

Gender Reveal Party Idea

First baby item we knew that we needed and ordered was the crib. I knew I wanted to go with a very classic look for the nursery, and being blue is my favorite color and we just happened to be having a boy…what better choice to go with than blue tones for our baby boy’s room.

The crib is called Langley from the Eddie Bauer collection at Target. And of course that soon to be daddy right there had the crib put together in no time. So our starting point for the decor of the room was our off-white crib. 
Daddy Building Crib

The other nursery item I knew that I would be needing was a rocker. Through lovely Pinterest I had come across some double rockers, and was sold on having a large comfortable couch style double rocker. Once we had those two larger items purchased, I found some simple wall art decor at Pottery Barn kids and we were set for the party!

Welcome to Baby M’s nursery…

Gender Reveal Nursery, pottery barn shabby chic white washed anchor wall art, double rocker, construction2style, baby Molitor, white chandelier

It’s a good thing this little dude is small, or maybe a dude, because one of the biggest challenges with this room is that tiny closet. I’m sure Jamie will have some sort of organizational unit installed soon.IMG_4117

I snagged the dresser from Target in hopes to have some more baskets for storage space. However, we already have it filled it with “stuff”….IMG_4118



Notice that adorable little photo there? We need to zoom up on this one. My all time FAVORITE photo. This was Jamie when is was just a little one, already ramping his wheelies at age 2! How Cuuu-at!!IMG_4196

I picked up this double seated rocker from Walmart. The pillow and the white washed wooden anchor wall art came from Pottery Barn kids.


Remember these bad boys? I left them for the owners that bought our Andover Remolded Home, but couldn’t stop dreaming about them so ran back to West Elm to grab another set. And best part was they were on clearance this time around. IMG_4123


The white washed blue whale wall art I picked up from Patina. The chandelier was left in the house from the former home owners. We scored on all the free chandeliers they left for us when we bought the home! IMG_4194

I bought this adorable white washed seahorse mobile from Pottery Barn Kids. I love the shabby-chic casual look that you can incorporate into any nursery. IMG_4195

Two showers later, and still two more to go, we are losing space and the room is now looking like a disaster.
Baby Nursery

Baby M’s closet is filling fast, so we are going to have to figure out our closet storage unit pretty quickly.Baby Closet

My cousin passed me down her baby changing pad that fit perfectly on the top of the dresser we bought. And as you can tell I need to do a little bit more organizing and rearranging here…construction2style, baby nursery, baby bookshelf

Baby Crib, construction2style, nursery

We still have a ton left to do, buy, and somehow find space to put everything. But we’re getting there…

Morgan Molitor 33 weeks pregnant

And here are those baby bump shots everyone asks for. I’m still shocked every time I see my bump in a photo, I don’t even realize I’m carrying around that big belly! Jamie Molitor in Baby M's nursery

Jamie thinks he’s pretty close, but I think I have him beat! 🙂

7 more weeks to get all of our essentials and the nursery complete!! I’m sure my “nesting” or whatever they call it will kick in soon and I will be in high gear to get the room/house done. Can’t wait to show you the final reveal of the nursery! And hopefully there is a new tenant to introduce you to as well!

Morgan & Jamie Molitor 33 weeks pregnant in remodeled nursery, construction2style

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  • Emily

    Look at that beautiful bump! Can’t wait to see it on the 6th. Love this post

  • Heather Franklin

    Super cute you too!!! Nice work:) you look beautiful Morgs! Love to you both

    • Thanks Heather!! 🙂 It’s almost as cute as your nursery! Love & Miss you!!

  • Ashleigh Haugen

    Adorable! And sounds like you scored some great deals! Nice job!

    • Thanks Ashleigh!! You know it! And on top of that my mom has been hitting pretty much every rummage sale she sees! We have scored big! 🙂

  • Beautiful! You two have done such a great job. Love all the little details and you’ll be hearing him pounding away on that M&D tool box in no time. They grow so fast. Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy and soak in every early moment of parenthood. Each phase is amazingly wonderful. 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! Oh I can’t wait to have him by our side with those tools and helping us out!! I finally know what people mean when they say their kids grow too fast (or maybe I don’t). I just can’t believe how fast he has grown in 8 months! 🙂 🙂

  • Kristie North

    This is waaaay too cute!! You will fill that room so fast with baby stuff it’s soooo fun and exciting! You (both) look great! Happy last couple weeks!

    • Thank you Kristie!!! Oh my, that really just hit me when you said last couples weeks!!! AAAAWE!! 🙂 I will soak in every minute with just the 2 of us! 🙂 XOXO

  • I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Found you on hob-nob linkup! <3

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