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Hello sunshine summertime! Aren’t these long summer days the best?! We are soaking up all the sun and summer nights as much as we can hanging at home outside. 

Did you know the longest day of the year was just June 21st? We’re always looking for more time in the day so we made sure to take full advantage last week. We spent some extra time outside with Greyson and Beckam. We recently got them a new playground set and now Greyson officially never wants to come inside…haha! He just can’t get enough. He’s supposed to go to bed at 7:00, but now that it’s still light out, he has a meltdown about coming inside almost every night.

He just wants to keep going down his slides again…and again…and again…

So on June 21st, the longest day of the year, we soaked it all in! We let G stay up a little longer so he could enjoy some time in the backyard.  And best of all, all that summer light was awesome for extra hubby and wife time after getting G and Beck to bed.

So today, we’re teaming up with Wayfair to share some of our favorite backyard and playground essentials. And we can’t wait to hear what your favorites are. 

Check out these must have “Backyard Playground Essentials” from Wayfair:

backyard playground essentials

  1. Bucket Swing for Beck: Even though Beckam is still pretty young, this bucket swing is going to come in handy once he sees his older brother playing outside and wants to join in.
  2. Dual Swing: This is genius for two kids so they don’t have to fight over who gets to swing…and they can swing together!
  3. Lawn Bowling: A fun game for kids and adults–also great for backyard BBQs and neighborhood block parties.
  4. Cornhole: This is another fun game that can be played by the whole family and is easy for kids to learn as well.
  5. Trampoline: We just ordered a trampoline and we’re going to dig a hole in the yard and put the tramp in it so that it’s level with the ground. Then we don’t have to worry about the kids falling off – genius!!
  6. Sandbox: Boys love getting in the dirt and playing with their trucks so this sandbox is perfect for entertaining them, and it comes with benches, which is a big plus.

How about you guys? What’s your favorite summer activity? Whatever it is, we hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the longest day of summer! Be sure to check out these awesome playground essentials on Wayfair!

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