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what it is like Working With Us

first we

determine if we're a good fit

We want to like one another and have a really good time together. Which means, we need to get all of the boring and awkward stuff out of the way...hellos, budgets, needs, timelines, payments, contracts, and paperwork.

Shoot us an email at with your timeline, budget, vision in mind and photos of your space.

We'll then tell you the costs of what you are looking at. If the stars align, we'll arrange a time to meet. At the consultation, we'll get down measurements of the space, talk through ideas, and get cruising on the designs.

then we

get our creative juices flowing

Once the boring stuff is out of the way and all contracts are signed, payments are made it's time to GET EXCITED! We're going to create your dream space! And get real close, because we're going to have a key to your front door.

We collaborate with you as you share with us your dream space. Whether it’s visiting showrooms or discussing Pinterest boards, we want to dream big with you and help you pull together a complete vision.

We work with you so that you can visually see your space. We will put together story boards, design plans, space layouts, finishing selections and budget breakdown.

but most importantly

we plan

During the initial design phase project execution is mapped out with budget, timeline, hours, and project management to stay on time and within budget.

And yes, there'll be wine for our late nights of dreaming and planning together. After all, that is what gets the creative juices flowing!

then we

rock and roll

We get to work and you can kick back and relax! Unless you want to run around like a mad man and shop with us.

Regular communication is priority for us. We will be sure you know your start and end date, as well as provide with regular updates. We spend so much time planning for the upcoming project, we always anticipate no surprises, but there are no guarantees until we're taking walls down (or you drop a change order bomb on us! ha!).

In our final stage, we hustle and work hard to get your project wrapped up and out of your home as quickly as we can. But, we're not gonna lie, we're always a little sad to say goodbye.

and lastly we'll


Once the remodel is complete we will style your space. Depending on the space and your needs, we may bring in a little or a lot.

And then we pop the bubbly and celebrate because you, our friends, will have a beautifully designed, remodeled, and styled space!