Featured on Remodelaholic

Good Morning, Happy Saturday! We are SO thrilled to share our giddy excitement this morning as we are being featured on Remodelaholic today. Be sure to go and check out our Fireplace Makeover featuring our Built-Ins!

While free standing fireplaces can look beautiful, built-in’s blend into your interior design using an entire wall for storage while making a room feel and look larger. And as you know, we are advocates of doing-it-yourself as it is much more cost effective and is always so much more rewarding! Check out our Fireplace Remodel featuring Built-Ins and how to DIY over at Remodelaholic! 

We feel so honored to be featured on Remodelaholic. Justin & Cassity blog all about (our favorite thing!) their Home Remodels & DIY Projects. Most importantly, they are family focused and Cassity has and shares such an inspirational story. Go read all about them here. 


Fireplace Remodel

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