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Beautiful Chaos home design and remodeling team featured onto construction2style

Happy Friday friends! We are back today with another one of our favorites, the talented Sarah from the Beautiful Chaos. I met Sarah through,  yet again, one of our favorite social platforms Instagram. We met a couple of years back, got together for coffee, and have been friends since. She has been such a bright light and a huge inspiration to us through her positive vibes and content. I mean, just check out her Instagram and you will fall in love. Not just through her imagery but through the meaning she puts into the text of her posts. I am usually laughing out loud from her posts and can literally hear her saying what she has typed. Haha, I love it! She is a real inspiration for not only business but family.

Wondering what it’s like to be a full-time mom while running a successful business? Or how to incorporate the farmhouse look into your home? Meet the beautiful Sarah…

Beautiful Chaos home design and remodeling team featured onto construction2style

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Who are you and what you do?

I’m just a girl. Working hard to leave a beautiful mark on this chaotic world. I’m honored to be known as a wife, momma, designer, and renovator. I LOVE making things beautiful. Life is never perfect but, you can always find beauty in the chaos.

What led you to Beautiful Chaos?

My dad is a third generation contractor. I grew up with the exciting smell of fresh, new lumber and cherish the images of a worn leather tool belt constantly fixed to my dad’s waist. He tried everything to talk us kids out of the family trade. But, my absolute happy place is working with my family to design and build spaces for others to live real life in…beautiful lives!

That makes me so happy! My dad was a carpenter as well, and every time I smell sawdust and fresh lumber, it brings me right back to memories of a child and him.

I love the name of your brand for so many reasons, how did you come up with that name, Beautiful Chaos? 

One night, as I was feeding our littlest babe on the couch, the house was in complete chaos. Our other three kiddos were running around…some dressed…some not…sporting the typical Batman cape and underwear ensemble. The living room ottoman was completely overtaken by a heaping pile of unfolded laundry, and something not delicious was burning on the stove. The hubs was busy fixing something, probably a clogged toilet, I just happened to pause and capture the chaos, a snapshot to keep forever in my mind’s eye. Realizing, that we were in the thick of absolute CHAOS! But, it was also so very beautiful, because real life was happening. And, our home was a place for real life chaos to be beautiful. The next day, I changed our family business name to Beautiful Chaos

I love that! So, so true. And how cool that you get to create beautiful chaotic spaces for not only yourself but your clients. Speaking of projects, can you share with our readers your top 3? 

Beautiful Chaos home design and remodeling team featured onto construction2style

Beautiful Chaos home design and remodeling team featured onto construction2style


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LOVE! I don’t think there is a project you’ve completed that I’m not in awe of and want to replicate. For those of you that want to learn more of the before looks of these spaces and how they were created, you can check them out HERE.

You have a very unique farmhouse style, which I’m obsessed with, but the hubby not so much (hence why we do minimal farmhouse spaces, haha). Have you always had this style? 

I’ve always had an old soul. So, naturally, I’m drawn to things that feel like they have a story behind them. When a home lacks the character that tells a story, it makes me sad! I love coming up with ways to give any age home character and charm yet modern enough for new chapters to be written. 

Give our readers one tip in how they can incorporate this into their home? 

One easy way to incorporate ‘farmhouse style’ in any home, is to add a wreath…or 2 or 3. Wreaths instantly add a warm, welcoming touch and you can use them just about anywhere! Layered on windows, shutters, signs, hanging over mantles, doors, cabinets, or even shelving. My most favorite types of wreaths are cotton stem, boxwood, and magnolia!

OH, I love that! Now a wreath is something Jamie can get down with; I’m adding that to our weekend list.

You always write with so much meaning and purpose. Are you ever nervous or hesitant to put your feelings out there? 

I love sharing more than just a picture on social media. Whenever I create a post, I just imagine a group of my friends reading it. And, I hope, that although it’s about this here chaos and what we’ve got going on, something relative resonates in the life of whoever is following along. Because we all have chaos, and we all need reminders to see it as beautiful.

Amen! Don’t ever change that. I mean I feel like were besties through Instagram. Haha!

How do you respond to critiques? 

Hmmm…I guess if I’m not your cup of tea and aren’t inspired by my words or work, then unfollow, by all means!! Follow those that are your jam and that inspire you!! That’s the beauty of social media.

What is one thing you would tell your 23-year-old self? 

At 36-years-old, I’ve gone through some things. Here’s my take away. Yes, life does go by fast. Faster and faster the older you get. Strive to be your authentic self, without rival to anyone else. Each one of us possesses something beautiful to leave a mark on this world. Do it! Live it. Live this life WELL. See the beauty in every season. Lastly, LOVE HARD!!! You will never regret giving everything you’ve got…especially. ESPECIALLY. Loving hard.

I couldn’t agree more.

Any takeaways to leave with your readers? 

I love people and love getting to see how they live and how I can help make life more beautiful for them. That’s why this job is SO fun!! Except really early in the morning. Yah, can we NOT be friends really early in the morning. That would be best. Hehe!! XO!!

Haha, you are my favorite, Sarah! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and sharing a little bit more about your beautiful soul and business with our readers. Want to check out more of Beautiful Chaos you can find them at all of the links below. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends! 




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