Herringbone Flooring

Our herringbone tile flooring, one of my favorite projects to show off! Ok, who am I kidding, I think I say that about everything Jamie does for me. I am one proud wifey!

The herringbone pattern has been a favorite of mine since I was in fashion merchandising school. It’s a classic design that has been in fashion clothing since probably twill fabric was created. I was so excited when Jamie said he was up for the patience of incorporating it into our home design. Laying a herringbone pattern can be very tedious and completing this zig-zag installation isn’t the easiest but is so worth it!

Herringbone Tile

Prior to tackling our concrete countertops in our master bathroom remodel, we tackled the flooring. As you can see, this bathroom was very outdated and needed a ton of work. Jamie removed the old flooring with a pry-bar. He didn’t have to use a hammer drill like he did in the guest bathroom remodel as these tiles were a lot easier to remove. Being we were gutting the entire room we didn’t have to worry about protecting the walls, trim, doors, or anything in the room.
Jamie Molitor removing bathroom tile

Jamie Molitor's Master Bathroom Remodel, removing tile

Grouting Tile, contstruction2style


I originally wanted an all white bathroom from the floor to ceiling. We had picked out these white long subway tiles in the photo below at The Tile Shop, however, once we laid them down they did not match the already installed white subway tiles in our bathroom shower that we had purchased from Lowe’s. There are endless different tones of whites. If you are planning on an all white bathroom I would suggest getting all of your tiles from the same location. However, after putting together costs for renovating this bathroom, we knew we would go over budget if we tried to go with the white tiles we wanted for the entire room so we reconsidered the flooring.

construction2style Placing Herringbone White Tile

White subway tiles

Jamie had done some research and showed me these wood looking tiles that he really liked. We decided that if I could have the herringbone look and he could have his wood tiles, we could meet in the middle. He originally was not a fan of the all white bathroom. A lot of measuring, cutting, and re-measuring went into this project.

But in the end it was worth all of the hard work! We absolutely LOVE how this floor turned out. And I think it turned out a lot better than if we would have stuck to the original white subway tile flooring. Placing Wood Tiles

I think the dark brown tiles helped to tie in the dark wood trim within the rest of the house and give it a much more “rich” look, and best of all…we paid a fraction of the cost that we would have paid for with the white subway tiles. After picture of Jamie Molitor's herringbone Bathroom Wood Tile bathroom floor

The best part about herringbone tiles is that it gives any room subtle elegance. It turns what can be a simple boring decorated room into a classic-chic looking room.
After picture of Jamie Molitor's herringbone Bathroom Wood Tile bathroom floor

After picture of Jamie Molitor's herringbone Bathroom Wood Tile bathroom floor

I think we are ready to take on the herringbone pattern in a larger area of our next home renovation!

Herringbone wood tile flooring

Herringbone Bathroom Floor

Herringbone Bathroom Floor

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