Home Paint Progress

The house is completely painted! We are cruising now!!! We have crossed so much off of our to-do list and I might not be lying now when I say I think we will be able to move in soon. In the past couple of weekends we have been able to completely finish painting and cleaning up the dried paint off of the trim in the house. WHOO HOOO!  And of course, if you remember our Dining Room Paint Fiasco, well oops…I did it again!

For the color in the Kitchen, at first, I decided on Ionic Sky by Behr, eggshell finish. I was trying to match Restoration Hardware’s Shore Paint Collection, at a cheaper cost. I thought the color matched pretty close, but as soon as we started painting it onto the wall we were thinking it might be just a little too bright, especially compared to the rest of the grey tone paint colors in the house. However, we thought it might tone down as it dried so we finished painting the first coat in the kitchen. Once dried, it was still too bright and it just didn’t blend very well with the dark grey in the next room, so I just decided that I would go back to the store and get the paint tinted.

Kitchen Teal Blue Paint Color

We decided that we needed the blue color to be in the grey-ish color pallet, like the rest of the house. My mother-in-law suggested mixing in some of the grey paint that we already had from the living room into the blue instead of wasting time going back to the store. As dangerous as this might sound, we tried mixing a small sample of it, tested it on the wall and loved it! So we went for it. It is hard to tell the difference of the two blues from the photos, but as you can see in the photo below my father-in-law is painting over the brighter blue paint we had as our first option so you can easily see the difference.

Kitchen Blue Paint Color


Kitchen Remodel

For the living room and the main entry area around the stairwell we went with the same grey paint color as we did in the Andover house. I was trying to again go with Restorations Hardware’s Flint Paint Collection at a cheaper cost. I just love that place! I got a sample of their paint color, went to a less expensive paint supplier store and had them match the color.


grey paint color inspired from restoration hardware

Painting Living Room
Grey Color Paint Living Room Remodel

Grey Color Paint Living Room Remodel


Even though our home is still in shambles and we have lots more loving tender care to give to the walls before the colors will really show their true potential we don’t have too much left to do on our list until we can move in!

We got our carpet, hard wood floors, and all of our kitchen appliances ordered…now just to get them installed. We are so close to getting our checklist checked off.

This week we are going to tackle…

1. Finish custom building the handrail, stairwell

2. Install hard wood floors

3. Buy Granite countertops

4. Install Kitchen Appliances

5. Install carpet

And…we won’t be done, but WE CAN MOVE IN!!! Super excited to show you all more of the step by step details as we slow down and finish up. And once we move in the real fun begins…SHOPPING and decorating!!

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  • I am so glad you kept all the woodwork/trim the dark wood. It looks beautiful in all of these pictures. Very rich and authentic! I need to come visit again ASAP!

    • Yes you do!!! I am so glad too. I love it more every time I go over there. Thank you Brig!! XOXOXO

  • Aisha

    The paint colors you chose looks awesome!! The house is gorgeous!
    We have to repaint our walls … the painters did an awful job!! I think it’s much better to do the painting yourself, even though it might be a tedious task, but the outcome is much better!

    • OH NO!!!! What a bummer! Are you going to do the same colors? And I know, so tedious and tiring but I agree…so worth it. I think you pay closer attention and care more when it’s your own. 🙂

  • Andi Jo

    It looks gorgeous! Great Job. I enjoy following your post and seeing the transformations.

    • Thank you SO much Andi Jo! We really appreciate that!! XOXO

  • Jill

    Love! I need to come up and see it!

    • Thanks Jillybeans!! 🙂 Can’t wait for Sunday!!! Get your cleaning pants ready!

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