Kitchen Remodel

Our house is moving right along and we are so excited to share with you everything we have been up to! I believe I said that we would hope to be moved into the house in a few weeks…a few weeks ago….but we have to live our life too and are still living with the in-laws (which is a pretty awesome gig)! However, we are getting very close!! So here is a little kitchen update on our remodel progress.

If you don’t remember what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house and before we got to demolition check it out!


 Very classy, we know. The kitchen overall was very dark and outdated.


We knew we wanted to open up the house somehow and decided to remove the wall, within the picture below, with the TV on it. To check out more details behind that demolition of this project check it out within the link here!


Fist thing Jamie did in the kitchen was take down all of the cabinets and tore down the dry wall off of the ceiling and half of the walls as it had ugly plaster waves. The other half of the kitchens dry wall that we didn’t tear down was because the new back splash and ceiling height cabinets would cover it all up, and tearing down this heavy plaster wasn’t easy. He had to use a crow bar to pry it all off.


After Jamie took down the drywall he had to re-dry wall, tape, and mud the walls.


We wanted to move some of the cabinets around and had to change some duct work and electrical outlets. We took all the cabinets out except for the two shown below. Jamie is in the process of building the rest of the cabinets and is incorporating some of the old with the new. We had a good family friend come and do the electrical so that it was done the proper way.


The floor was all re-sheeted because when the wood floor was torn out it was easier to cut it and take it out with the old sheeting because the wood was glued to it. Luckily this house was built before glueing deck sheeting to the joints was common. We will be re-finishing the floor with a dark hard wood.


Jamie is VERY excited this day about his remodel, haha!!





Jamie is in the process of building the custom cabinets now. We will post more details at a later post, but here is a sneak peak of what he is up to. We didn’t want to waste the cabinets that were already in the kitchen so we tried as best as we could to recycle them and use them within the new design and cabinets.




We are so excited on how it is coming together and hopefully soon we will have finished pictures to show!

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  • Such an exciting remodel! Who even knew they made orange sinks?? Would love for you to share the process and finished room at Fridays Unfolded!

    Stopping by from SITS Sharefest!


    • Thank you Alison! Haha, I know, pretty awful!! Awesome, we will! We are working hard to get it finished quickly. Thanks for sharing the link!! I look forward to posting!