Make Your Home Pantone Approved: Use Twin Colors of the Year


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At the end of each year, we are waiting with excitement for the world’s biggest authority on colors – Pantone – to make its decision about what colors will be all the rage for the next twelve months. As with every previous choice, we were not disappointed. On the contrary, this year’s Pantone doubled our pleasure with twin colors – Rose Quartz (warm embracing pink) and Serenity (cool tranquil blue). The two shades are so lovely, embracing and soothing that they can make every home more inviting and appealing. This is why we believe it is about time to open your door to Pantone’s favorites.

… Speaking of Doors

If you want a quick makeover and do not have the time or the will to paint the entire house, try painting the doors. It will give your home the needed splash of color without going through too much trouble. If your home is painted in some of the twin colors’ color pairings, than you can even paint the front door with Rose Quartz or Serenity. The complementary shades for Pantone’s chosen ones are mostly mid-tones (rich browns, yellow, pink, greens and purples). The same goes for the in-house doors – you have to consider the room tones.


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Go Beyond…

These two shades are so sublime, that you cannot simply stop at doors. You will surely want to paint the walls also. If your furniture and the rest of your décor is in neutral colors or colors complementary to Pantone’s duo, you can even use both of them to paint the walls (2 vs. 2 walls). If however, you already have a lot of going on there, better choose just one of them, if you do not want your room to look like someone spilled a truck of ice-cream on it. If you do not want to paint, but still feel like you should give your walls a touch of Pantone, than use wallpapers or, why not, wall murals?

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Do It Yourself

Yes, there is so much buzz about the famous DIY these days and for a good reason, too. There is nothing more satisfactory than when your DIY project is successful and you can brag about it to your friends. It is rather obvious that Rose Quartz and Serenity are great for vintage décor, so you should consider refreshing or repurposing some old furniture (you can buy it on a flea market) or even get some knowledge about decoupage and try that too. You can also buy some affordable yarn online in Pantone’s shades and incorporate some warm appeal with knitted pieces.


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Affordable Updates

Sure, no one expects you to change your furniture each time Pantone says “Well, this color is not trendy anymore”, but there are some small updates you can afford, especially if painting is out of the question. You can use those updates as your focal points to make all eyes stare at the fabulous twin colors. Invest some money in rugs, bed covers, cushions, curtains, etc. To enhance the calmness these colors are reflecting, opt for lightweight materials when it comes to curtains and bed covers.


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Create Cohesiveness with Accessories

If the complete “Pantone approved” décor looks a bit messy, you can use accessories to create harmony. Before deciding which accessories you will use and how you will arrange them, you should look around and see which color is already dominant. If it is Rose Quartz, then use Serenity for details, and vice versa. Make sure that besides the colors, you keep in mind the overall style you are trying to achieve. Is it modern? Is it vintage? Is it eclectic? Opt for the style of the accessories accordingly. Use decorative elements such as wall clocks, photo frames, paintings, flower pots, vases, etc. Arrange then throughout the room in a logical, flowing order.

There is a reason why Pantone has been on top of its niche all these years – it always chooses colors pleasant for the eye and easy to incorporate both in fashion and home décor. There is no reason then not to trust the choice of the Pantone’s think tank. Rose Quartz and Serenity can find their place in your home and make it truly fascinating. The feeling of order and peace they are bringing are just a step away.

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