Make your own DIY Tutu


For our wedding I couldn’t think of anything cuter than our flower girls wearing purple tutu’s with white leotards. I knew my mom and my aunt Anne would be able to whip them up in no time.

They used 6″wide tulling of white, cream and purple.  They cut 22″ lengths of each of the colors. They used 2 white, 2 cream and 1 purple strip and repeated this pattern.

The strips were folded in half and looped over a 1 1/2″ white satin ribbon and pulled through the folded end of the strip to make a knot on the satin ribbon (ribbon length was the measured waist of child with 6″added).


I wanted big full skirts so they used about 50-60 strips for each tutu. I also wanted a wide satin waistband with a long bow to be tied in the back. So with some extra thought my mom and Anne were able to pull this final look of the tutus. If you don’t want a waist band you would be done and these would be simple no sew tutu’s.




Anne came up with using a piece of 3 1/2″ wide satin blanket sashing to help cover the tulling knots created by the loops.  She also added to the underside of the sashing a fuseable interfacing for stiffening.  On top of the sashing she machine sewed a 38″ piece of purple 1 1/2″ wide satin ribbon which created the bow in the back.  We decided to use purple instead of white ribbon for the waistband to create a pop of color on the little girls since they were wearing the white leotards.



As always, my mom and aunt Anne did an amazing job and created exactly what I had envisioned. And how cute are my nieces in these adorable tutu’s?




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  • Those are some cute girls wearing those tutus!! 🙂

    • Thank you Angela!! They are just my cutest little girls in the world 🙂

  • What an adorable idea –cute tutus as well, and they made for awesome pictures.

  • Those are really adorable! I’m going to have to wait for grandkids to make something like this…my daughter is too old. I wish I’d seen something like this years ago!

    • Haha, Thanks Michelle!! You’re never too old for a Tutu 🙂 But they do definitely look a lot better on little cute kids!!

  • These are so cute! I think they would be great for photo shoots as well, need to see what supplies I can find here in Germany 🙂

    • Hi Mrs. B! How fun!! Oh I love that! Great idea!! Thanks for posting!! Thanks for visiting our blog all the way from Germany, So cool!!

  • Awww how pretty! They nearly outshone the bride, but you looked amazing. Beautiful bouquet of flowers xo.

    • Haha, Oh they sure did!! They are just the cutest little girls in the world!! 🙂 Thank you Rene!!

  • They look so precious in those tutus!

    • Thank you Randa! They are our little precious girls 😉

  • So ridiculously cute. Not gonna lie… I want to make one for myself.

    • Haha, Do it, Miranda!! You are NEVER too old for a Tutu 🙂

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the TUTUs!! 🙂 I know I teach dance but I would love to be able to wear one around town (as an adult) 😉 Thankfully, my daughter loves prancing around in many of hers. Beautiful PHOTOS and blog!

    • Thank you Pam!! Oh that is SO cute and precious!! And I know, I do too! 🙂

  • How precious! When it’s time for me to have kids, I really want a girl so I can dress her in a cute lil tutu!

    • Thanks Rashida!! Me too. They are just the cutest little things in them 🙂