Living Room Refresh | Otsego, MN

Our kitchen and living room is where we spend the most time together as a family. It’s where we hang out with our little dude, watch shows together, eat together, play together, and spend time together. This is our happy place.

When we bought this home, this room was known as our Christmas room. As much as I LOVE Christmas, the red and green had to go. As you can tell, the wainscoting was original to the home and it was definitely one of the things that sold us on the home, so it wasn’t going anywhere. The biggest thing that we did to this room was opening up a wall that divided the living room from the kitchen, right there to the right in the picture below. Once that wall was gone, we knew that all it required was a little new paint, flooring, and window treatments.

the challenge

The living room was quickly referred to as the Christmas room as soon as we purchased this home.  And as much as we love Christmas we knew the red and green had to go. With that being said, one of the many fabulous things that we did fall in love with in this home was the beautiful wainscoting spread throughout. It was a must that we created our new space around that design so we got to work scraping, painting and flooring what was going to be one of our most used rooms in the house.

The biggest change we brought to this room was creating an opening from the living room to the kitchen, which really made the world of a difference. It immediately opened the space up and allowed for more light to make the room look even bigger.

The most difficult challenge that we ran into with this project was scraping the popcorn ceiling. There were areas that you could tell had been painted over…which at times seemed like an impossible job. However, with a lot of water, patience, and my mother-in-law’s positive attitude, we were able to scrape the entire ceiling clean after many, many hours.





our solution

Like the rest of our rooms, we wanted to stay pretty simple and neutral. I am definitely a grey and blue girl for our home style. So of course, that was the color palette that we went for in the living room. The beautiful deep brown crown molding was original to the home. We did use Old English on all the woodwork to make it shine. My mother-in-law introduced me to it, and I  now recommend to our clients and friends all the time. It is a godsend. We had a lot of nicks on the woodwork from scraping the popcorn off the ceiling and you wouldn’t believe what that stuff would do. In the end, with a little paint, new carpet, knockdown ceiling, knocking out one wall, and new decor we were easily able to remodel this room on a budget. You can find a full list of all the products and items we used or added to complete and finalize this space HERE.