Master Bedroom Makeover | Otsego, MN

Simple updates to your master bedroom can make all the difference. Master bedrooms and bathrooms are two top places I always urge our clients to make into their cozy little sanctuary, and sometimes it doesn’t take much.

Our favorite thing about this space was the window that spanned the north side of the room and looked over onto the Mississippi River. Putting up blinds was something we didn’t recommend with a view like this. With an amazing view like that, how can you not wake up in a good mood?

After new carpet, new windows, some paint, and a little decor refresh this room was good to go.

the challenge

As you can see, everything about this room was outdated. From the floor to ceiling we knew we wanted to totally revamp this space. However, we wanted to keep some of the classic elements like the wainscoting and large windows a part of the new design.  Even with the aesthetic updates that we wanted to make there really wasn’t much to be done to the actual foundation of the room. The master bedroom is a very personal space so we wanted it to be a true place for to relax and unwind from each day.

our solution

A fresh paint color and updated furnishing were just what this space needed. We swapped the pale pink walls for a cooler blue/grey color. We kept all the beautiful wainscoting and with the natural light we didn’t end up covering up those large bright windows. Natural light is one of the best design elements to any space. However, the windows did have water damage so we replaced the windows to ensure a clean and crisp view.

In the end, who chose to keep things simple within this design.

You can find a full list of all the goods from this master bedroom HERE.