Open Concept Kitchen Remodel | Plymouth, MN

When this family bought their home in 2015, they hired us to build them well- the biggest dinning room table we have ever built. At the time, they told us how they were going to renovate a lot of their home over time, so of course we put a bug in their ear to hire us! When they asked us for a bid on their kitchen remodel, we jumped at the chance and were overjoyed when they hired us for the job.

the challenge

Prior to coming to us, they hired a designer to lay out their floor plan and then handed those plans off to us for their renovation needs. Working with this family, we changed up the floor plan a little bit and have assisted with design plans and finishing selections. Lucky for us, they have great taste and knew exactly what they wanted, and it’s been a breeze!

Our clients wanted much bigger and brighter space. We put this design board together for them and we decided on white dove paint color for the cabinets, white subway tile with grey grout, pendant lighting, gravel grey paint color for the walls, and dark walnut custom kitchen island (to match the dinning room table we already built).

This family loves to entertain and they wanted to take out a wall to convert part of their dinning room space into their kitchen, and open up their floor plan. Since the day I walked into this house, I have told them how jealous I am. I love a wide open concept and they are about to have my dream home!

our solution

Utilizing what they had with their former cabinetry, we were able to double their space by removing a wall and opening up the floor plan. We added additional custom cabinetry that matched their former, extended their former kitchen island while custom building a second. As well as a custom building a floating buffet and bar area for their dining space.