Spring Sunshine | Grass Time!

Spring Sunshine means Yard Work time!! It is finally warm enough in Minnesota to start on yard work and landscaping! We got our new sod laid just in time for our Gender Reveal BBQ this upcoming weekend.

When we first went to view this house one of the first things we noticed was this crazy Christmas tree looking garden in the back yard. I was not a fan. Come Spring, we weren’t sure if we were going to try to salvage the garden and reshape the outer edge or just completely do away with it.


Being this is the only flat ground in our backyard we decided to get rid of the garden. We removed the hundreds of bricks around the outer edge and transplanted as many plants as we could to other places in the yard.


Once we removed the bricks and plants Jamie and his dad tilled up the ground where we were going to place the sod. Once tilled, Jamie raked the soil to level it out.
IMG_4054After Mr. Perfectionist’s inspection of levelness, no rocks or weeds, we were ready to lay the sod.


We ended up sodding over seeding because of our upcoming party. The only benefit of sodding over seeding is the instant gratification and the disadvantage is that it is more expensive.

IMG_4056Jamie began on the outer edges, unrolling a roll of sod, followed by another and another and another. After laying the rolls of sod, Jamie cut the sod with a sharp knife where needed.


IMG_4059The sod on the outer edges have a tendency to dry out. It is best to try not to trim the sod on the outer edges, if you can.


Water, Water, Water. We began watering our sod almost immediately. You want the soil beneath the turf to be very wet. 
sod grass


We are so happy that we decided to sod and place grass in this area over salvaging the garden. I know it is going to get great use this summer!! Now off to the front yard!


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  • Mary. Bergland

    The predicted weather for this weekend is in the 80’s. Your new yard will be perfect for the gathering. Can’t wait to enjoy it with everyone.

    • I just saw that!! I am praying it stays that way! Can’t wait to enjoy the sun, friends, and family!!

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