We’re Expanding!!

We are thrilled to say that one of our guest bedrooms is under construction again! And probably will be under construction for the remainder of the summer! Our family is expanding and Baby M is expected to make an appearance come September 2014!

Baby M

We are overcome with the joy of creating a new life. Seeing our little creation for the first time was love at first sight.┬áBaby M is already practicing it’s back-flips and trying to show-up daddy!

My first trimester was different than I had expected. Nobody ever warned me about being tired. And let me tell you…this girl who is always on the go (and enjoys her 10 cups of coffee per day) did not like to be sleeping more than 6 hours a night and especially did not like to cut back on the morning coffee intake! Everyday I got home from work I almost immediately went to bed. But besides the tiredness, I can’t complain. Jamie didn’t so much appreciate the tiredness either when we are trying to renovate an entire home…

But now that I am well into my 2nd trimester my energy is back and we are so excited to get started on renovating Baby M’s nursery. It will be a blank canvas for another month until we find out if we are going to be having a mini-me or a mini-Jamie.





We can’t wait to keep you posted on all of the fun nursery renovation progress!!

23 thoughts on “We’re Expanding!!

  1. So happy for the both of you!! Bill and I are getting two new grandbabies – a girl the end of August and baby boy or girl the first week of September. I will be curious to see how you decorate the baby’s room. Love catching up on all that you are doing with your new home!

    1. Thanks Roxanne! That is what Bill was telling me, I am happy for you guys. I’m sure my parents will be following you along and becoming the grandparent’s daycare as well. :) Thanks for following us, I know Morgan appreciates it a lot too. We will keep you posted on the nursery.

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