10 Tool Ideas for the DIY Dad, Father’s Day Gift Guide

Top 10 tools for your DIY dad | Father's Day Gift Guide | construction2style

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and if you’re like me, it has probably already snuck up on you and you have no idea what to get your father or hubs. So Jams and I sat down and put together a guide for you ladies out there to help you out!

Top 10 tools DIY dad gift guide | construction2style

Getting men gifts is so hard, because (if they’re like Jamie) they probably just go buy it themselves when they need something. I’ve lucked out this year, because now I know exactly what Jamie wants since he’s sitting right here telling me what he loves. haha!

So here ya go, Jamie’s top 10 items he can’t live without.

P.S. Jamie rarely takes the computer and sits down to actually write our posts, although he is always usually sitting by my side, so I’m like a giddy school girl right now. Hehe. He thinks I’m weird. I don’t even know why I love it so much, haha! Take it away Jamie…

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the DIY Dad

1. Impact Drill

Impact drives screws quick and fast, better than any other drill.  My impact drill is one of my favorite tools I own. I typically always buy Bosch or DeWalt power tools. An impact driver looks the same as a regular drill but, instead of a keyless chuck, it has a collet that accepts hex-shanked driver bits. This tool also drills long and large fasteners, including flat lag screws, that could stall a typical drill.

Top 10 tools DIY dad gift guide | construction2style

2. Basic Drill

A basic drill is also what every guy needs if they don’t already have. They’re light weight, cordless, inexpensive, great for drilling holes and driving screws. It’s the perfect tool for our shop and on the job site, easy to carry and throw around and fairly inexpensive. I got Morgan this Bosch drill too for a present awhile back so it’s another great gift not just for men.

Top 10 tools DIY dad gift guide | construction2style

3. Level

Every carpenter needs a few levels, I think we own one in every size and we use them all, from 48″ to 6′. I would say unless you are doing construction everyday you probably don’t need the 6-footer. The 48″ level is a good length and our most used level. Unlike Morgan, I check the level and make sure everything is plum on a daily basis. There is a bubble reading for the plumb (vertical) and another for the level (horizontal). When the bubbles are within the middle of the lines, you are good to go (unlike the image below). There are also laser and string levels, which we also use a lot of depending on the job we’re doing.

Top 10 tools DIY dad gift guide | construction2style


4. Hammer

As I’m sure you know, hammers are the most basic tool any DIY dad should own. There are all sorts of shapes, sizes, and fun hammers that a dad would love. But the basic hammer is a must have, with the claw on one side and the round smooth head on the other. Fiskars recently sent us over a dozen hammers, and I’ve got to say we are impressed. It just might be our new favorite brand of hammers.

Top 10 tools for your DIY dad | Father's Day Gift Guide | construction2style

The cool part about their hammers is that they are manufactured to reduce muscle fatigue and joint pain, which I need to do any chance I can. They also have premium steel that is forged into a perfectly balanced design featuring a milled face that helps prevent mis-hits. And our favorite, the handle grips. They have a nice pad and grip to them, and you gotta admit they are pretty too.

5. Laser Tape Measure

A laser tape measure is our new must have. I bought Morgan one for Christmas and I ended up stealing hers and having to replace it. You can’t go wrong with a basic tape measure as well, but when we’re doing walk throughs with clients to get them estimates, it definetaly helps speed up the process, which gets us in and out of their home quicker.

6. Work Radio

One of the first gifts Morgan bought for me was my work radio. Being I’m working alone a lot, it’s nice to have some company. There are all sorts of contractor boom boxes, cordless, wi-fi, you name it. It’s overwhelming when trying to pick one out becuase of all the gadgets, so ultimately comes down to your budget. Morgan got a basic, inexpensive one for me over four years ago that I take to all our jobs sites, where I throw it around non stop and it still gets the job done. I would just make sure there is an option of batteries as you may not always have an outlet on the job site and that it’s waterproof!

7. DeWalt Saw

Top 10 tools DIY dad gift guide | construction2style

My miter saw, I use this saw almost everday. There are a lot of different models and options out there but I like the Dewalt brand. I use this saw for basic work at home to heavy workloads on the job sites. This is a pricier gift, but you can find some for reasonable prices. Just make sure it has enough power for the job you need to get done.

A miter saw is used for basic and angle cuts in more than just wood. The angle cuts are necessary when joining to or more pieces of material together to make flush. If you’re working on floor boards, crown molding, or serving trays, this tools is a must.

Top 10 tools DIY dad gift guide | construction2style

8. Garage Broom

This is another great gift you might not have thought of, but a carpenter can never have enough garage brooms. And we go through them fairly quickly. A 24″ multi surface push broom for under $20 is the best all around broom for the price. Just make sure whatever broom you choose, you ensure that the head won’t spin out of its socket, nothing is worse than that.

The O’Cedar 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom ($22) is a great option!

9. Pocket Knife

I never leave home without my pocket knife. A good pocket knife is another great asset for any DIY dad. Like everything else I’ve mentioned, there are many different brands and styles, but I would recommend going with one that has disposable blades. I use my knife when breaking things down, cleaning out joints, wood work projects, and much more than I could even write.

10. QALO rings

Top 10 tools DIY dad gift guide | construction2style

Yes, we’re brand ambassadors for QALO, but this product is something we’re obsessed with. QALO rings are the perfect alternative for wedding rings. As I’m sure you know, wearing your wedding ring can be dangerous in the woodworking field. One wrong jump off a ladder or wrong turn with your power tools and there goes your finger. I now wear my QALO ring 24/7 and don’t have to worry about a thing. And they’re affordable.

Top 10 tools for your DIY dad | Father's Day Gift Guide | construction2style

Bonus, Family Time

Most importantly, there is no better gift than time with our family. I could have all the tools in the world but the one thing I love the most is spending the evening at home with Morgan and our little G man and now Beckam.

Top 10 tools for your DIY dad | Father's Day Gift Guide | construction2style

And that is all I would want for Father’s day.

Top 10 tools DIY dad gift guide | construction2style

10 Tool Ideas for the DIY Dad, Father's Day Gift Guide 1

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Mother Mary
4 years ago

Well done and said Jamie on this post.


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7 months ago

Thanks for these great ideas. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing this beneficial article and I enjoyed it. Keep up more share.