2017 Home Remodeling Trends

2017 Home Remodeling Trends | construction2style

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The current year brought some great novelties for interior designers, such as using outdoor fabrics indoors, a return to formal dining rooms, tech-free living rooms, glass tiles, and oak flooring. It seems that home remodeling trends for 2017 are shaping up to be quite different. As the year draws to a close, a shift from the design trends of 2016 becomes more visible. This is really something to be excited about, and while we are waiting for the clock to strike midnight December 31, we can make our homes enter 2017 on trend with some of these remodeling efforts.

Secret Kitchen

2017 Home Remodeling Trends | construction2style

This year was all about seamlessly blending the kitchen with the living room, but 2017 will be about the seamless kitchen. The thoughtfully designed kitchen should blend in with the prevailing aesthetics of the home, not revealing the secret of its function. In line with that, we’ll be seeing a lot of tuxedo cabinets, hidden appliances that melt into the design scheme, wood paneling, and mixed hardware finishes that create a feeling of a unique space.

Organic Bathroom

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

Nature is the best creator of them all, so there is no doubt that all designers are willing to follow its footsteps. The following year will make you forget all about your boring bathroom tiles and ceramic bathtub because you’ll fall in love with naturally created and manufactured bathroom items. Stone surfaces and wood elements will play major roles in every up-to-date bathroom remodeling that happens in 2017.

The Comeback of Cork

2017 Home Remodeling Trends | construction2style

That’s right everyone, cork is making a comeback, and not just as a way to seal a wine bottle or pin notes in the office. It’s no surprise this is happening now when the public’s understanding of sustainable materials is more widespread than ever. Cork is renewable and has anti-microbial attributes, which means that it can eliminate dust and toxin absorption. In 2017, it will be used in combination with stone tops as cladding for entire walls and as a solid cork side table or a stool.

Home Theaters

2017 Home Remodeling Trends | construction2style

Last year was the year of home offices, and now we are switching from working at home to enjoying our leisure time. Rising ticket prices and great quality of on-demand streaming services are the major reason why people will decide to equip their homes with a home theater. Man caves will become family caves, and the family will go to watch movies in a fully equipped basement, attic, or room addition.

Daylight Harvesting

2017 Home Remodeling Trends | construction2style

Although the sun is a precious, free source of light, we are constantly blocking it with shades and drapes. In 2017, maximizing natural light is at the top of the priority list. If you want to join the cause, install sun tunnel skylights and motorized shades that allow you to use less artificial light on a bright day.

Garden Roof

2017 Home Remodeling Trends | construction2style

The green roof has experienced a true renaissance with the trend of sustainable homes and with more and more people starting to live in urban areas. After being seen in cities across the world as an extraordinary example of thinking outside the box, rooftop gardens are finally becoming an everyday thing. Installing a living garden will sometimes require minor repairs and remodeling works, and the process will depend on the type of the roof in question (flat or sloped).

Artisan Detailing Outdoors

A trend towards organic forms will also lead to an increase in demand for stone and brick exteriors, as well as wooden outdoor elements. Still, 2017 isn’t settling for the ordinary. It will bring in personal touches and unique craftsmanship, such as wood detailing, gables, and porch columns. These detailing elements will add the needed je ne sais quoi to every home and complement the natural materials used in exterior design.

If you are already tired of the old and grumpy 2016 and don’t feel like waiting for the New Year’s Eve, don’t worry, the New Year can arrive early in your home, all you have to do is to apply one of these creative solutions.

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