5 Things That Can Transform The Look Of Any Room

It’s that time of the year, and your home needs a makeover. A total transformation, which could mean spending a lot of bucks. But you don’t always have to go pick out all that new furniture and change every corner and detail of your home that still appeals to you. All you need to do is pick out bold and statement articles that transform your home and gain admiration.

Having a good eye for art helps in making a huge style statement and adding that extra charm to your simple abode. Being a true appreciator of modern art, you could place a fine, huge painting of maybe your favorite artist, a conventional or quirky sculpture. Anything that draws instant attention to. Or even something that defines you, something that reflects your personality and it’s sure to make you and visitors feel very comfortable to be around such energy.


Speaking of comfort, the seating area is the first most important aspect of your home. It’s where you’d like to distress and lounge. You should consider changing your ordinary sofa, to something that pampers you with comfort. You get all kinds of luxurious and stylish sofas available in the market. Some with elaborate upholstery and some that recline and allow you to sink into the comfort of your room. If you are always entertaining guests, L-shaped, leather sofas are a great investment, along with multiple seats it also falls into the elegant category of furniture.

The lighting in your room also plays an important role. Without it all those transformations you’re trying to implement will hold no value. Lighting has a beautiful way of playing with objects in your home. You could choose which part of your home you’d wish to draw light upon, and parts of it you’d like to isolate. With latest advancement you can install regulators that control the brightness along with the dimness of the light in your room. Attach a small spotlight above or below your fancy painting, allowing it to draw light on the beauty and intricacy of the painting. Or better yet suspend an elegant chandelier at the centre of your living room or dining area.

Gorgeous Large Vintage Chandelier | construction2style

Gorgeous Large Vintage Chandelier | construction2style

The right kind of curtains too shouldn’t be neglected when your room is growing through a transformation. They, along with your other furniture and décor hold a lot of importance. It keeps away snoopy neighbors from spying through those windows. Be sure not to choose loud and flashy colors, but more warm and pastel shades. You could also decide on the fabric based on the weather and season. Thick fabric is not recommended in tropical and dry regions. Installing the right curtains adds an element of elegance in your room.

A little accessorizing is the key to successful transformation. Throw in a couple of those quirky, silk material cushions. With amazing prints and graphics, showcasing your arty side in your home, adding comfort to your sofa or living room area. The right kind of texture used for these cushions is ideal as it makes your sofa or seating area comes to life with added color, shapes and sizes. Making you want to always hug it. Not just pillows but even creating space for a wall hanging, upholstered against the backdrop of your living room, create a lot of texture and break the monotony of everything small and simple.

Carpentry Work

Use these effective tips and you’ll see how your room has witnessed a true transformation like never before.

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