5 Ways to Update your Dresser

5 ways to update your dresserDelivery Day. My favorite day! Nothing is more fun than dropping off custom built furniture pieces for someone that had a dream piece in mind.

A couple months ago the lovely Meagan came to us and asked if we could build her a shabby chic dresser with her exact dimensions. She showed us a few of her favorite pieces for inspiration and we were able to collaborate to build her the perfect dresser.




And since we are on the subject of dressers…My wonderful co-worker Abby has been hounding me to do a post about different ways she can DIY her dresser.

One of the most common furniture items in your home, the dresser is very often modified or dressed up to add a bit of flair to any room. If you are looking for a way to improve the feng shui of your room or home, updating an old dresser can be one of the most effective ways to do it.

Updating your dresser doesn’t mean you have to break the bank either, which is a trait you will find in many of our ways to update a dresser countdown. When you want to dress up that old tired dresser, or style it to fit in your home or room, use any of these tips to get the job done quickly.

1. House of colors

Painting your dresser is a great way to update it, so let your imagination loose and creativity fly. Simple, flat colors can represent a Spartan design or even sparse room layout. Colorful or pastel colors can bring out the bright and vibrant characteristics of the room. Or even just adding a basic paint trim around the drawers goes a long way!

Choosing the right color can be the most difficult part of this step, so don’t be afraid to hunt for the perfect hue to color your dresser for maximum effect.


| Fool Proof Furniture Paint + Wife in Progress |

2. Wallpaper Design

Wallpapering your dresser makes anyone ask, where did you get that?! As Chelsie from Bright & Bold states, “Sometimes the most fun design projects are the ones that stay hidden just beneath the surface and subtly pop up and surprise us from time to time.” And nothing beats the look of floral anything…especially wallpaper.

Brit + CO

| Wallpaper Design + Brit + Co |

3. Cover it up!

Dresser covers aren’t as common here in the States as they are overseas, but you can miss out on a lot of design concepts by overlooking covers. Some people choose to upholster their dressers with a fabric or even leather, some others choose to flock it or add felt.

Whatever your tastes, the simple use of adhesive spray can go a long way to updating your dresser. You can even add fabric to the sides of your drawers to really give your dresser a snazzy appeal.


| Linen Upholstered Rast + Little Green Notebook |

4. New knobs

Changing or updating your knobs and handles on your dresser can not only give it a newer appearance, but can restore lost functionality as well. Want something really quirky and odd? Make your own dresser knobs and handles for a genuinely unique dresser. Our favorite places to score some great knobs is Cost Plus World Market and Anthroplogie. We bought the knobs for our custom dresser above from Cost Plus. 

Morvi Zarpak Hemnes 8 drawer Jasmine top drawer

| My Overlay + O’verlays |

5. Mirrors

Mirrored dressers always make a bold design statement. I especially love that mirrored furniture is so in right now. They make any room feel glamours! Mirrors can visually expand your space. And adding mirrors to the drawers of your dresser can be easily done. Check out how you can DIY your nightstand below. 

Mirrored Dresser

| DIY Mirrored Dresser + Tamara Jewelry |

Have any ideas or concepts you think we missed? Know of any tricks and tips to update your dresser? Looking for someone to DIY your dream dresser? We would love to collaborate with you!

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