6 simple ways to add fixer upper style to your home

6 ways to add fixer upper style to your home


Fixer Upper

The homes Joanna & Chip renovate is my dream home style. And being we’re completing a basement finish right now and this is their style too, we wanted to share with you some ways to add this style into your own home. There isn’t one thing they have done in any of the shows that I don’t like. She could probably smear poop on the wall and somehow make it look awesome. So today, we sharing our pictures and six simple ways to add this style to your home.

1. Natural Tones & Textures with Metal

We all know the Gaines’ love their gardens and bringing the outdoors in. So make sure to bring those plants and herbs inside for your home decor. Also, be sure to use lots and lots of wood material, texture, and style. Chip and Joanna almost always replace all of the flooring within their renovations with beautiful wood floors. They also incorporate wood furniture, wood wall decor and lots and lots of beams into their homes in any way they can. Warm wood tones in a home can easily give you that farmhouse look.


HGTV Fixer Upper

Not only do they use large metal for letters to create cool sayings, but they also like to incorporate metal throughout the home in lighting, kitchen range hoods, and furniture. Don’t say gold and silver can’t be friends, or any metal for that matter. We love to mix metals. If your not ready to take the giant leap into giant pendant lighting fixtures, start small by mixing silver and bronze metal frames for your gallery walls.

6 ways to add fixer upper style to your home | construction2style

HGTV Fixer Upper

2. Vintage + Old Pieces

Maps, mirrors, mantels. They are all about the junk art. And there is nothing that I love more than thrift shopping at junk markets. Joanna is always using architectural pieces as art for her decor. A lot of the times these pieces are not only attractive but functional. They are also always upclying pieces within the home to make new any time they can. So try to think big with the junk you want to throw away and think of how you can repurpose and reuse into your home decor.

6 ways to add fixer upper style to your home | construction2style


Another reason why I love these guys. A lot of their wall art is all about meaning and purpose and life lessons. I can’t get enough of their signs that they sell in the store. Joanna is always makes awesome signage to create fun and meaningful words and quotes.  The quotes she creates our of metal are my personal favorite. How cute is the boys bedroom in their personal home? When you run across those junk markets that are selling signage or simply individual letters for a few bucks, think how you can incorporate different sayings into your home decor.

Boys Bedroom

Country Living

3. Neutrals With Pops Of Color

Joanna always uses a neutral color scheme on all of the walls throughout the home while bringing in pops of color within the decor. Pictured below was one of my favorite kitchen remodels she did. Red is not my favorite color and how can you say no to this kitchen renovation with the pops of red lighting fixtures?! It is the perfect touch to not add “too much” of that color you don’t like. Best part of keeping a home neutral and adding the pops of color is that you can easily update the home with a new color scheme when you are wanting a quick and inexpensive change to the look of your home.

Pops of Color


4. Add Your Own Personal Touch

One of my favorite things that Joanna does to every home is getting to know the couple and adding their personal touch to make their new house their home. Sometimes I think we can easily get caught up and trying to get our home to look exactly like someone else’s style or the exact display you saw in store. Don’t forget your own taste, style and needs.

Make sure that you incorporate your own personal touch into the aspect of your home. Do you have a large family? Do you like eating outdoors? Do you have that favorite color or look? What are your hobbies or activities you enjoy daily? What gives you inspiration? Jamie and I have a lot of similar and different styles and very different needs for our home. I like to entertain while Jamie likes to escape into the shop. So the open kitchen and living area is my top priority in our next home, while Jamie needs a very large shop.

In this home, Joanna knew the homeowner was an artist and made this room into her personal studio, adding in the simple paint color pallets for decor.

Personal Touch

Magnolia Market


5. Plants Galore!

Magnolia Wreaths, I mean how adorable are these?! And they are all about their wild flowers. One of the easiest ways to incorporate the fixer upper style is by adding greenery and plants galore to your home.


6. Family Friendly Function

Seating for a crowd! This is one of the biggest reasons why I love these guys so much. They are all about…more the merrier and always create spaces that are ready to entertain. Large seating is a must.

A few other fun and simple ways would be to ensure you have a large island, open shelving, subway tile, cozy fireplaces and do something as simple as painting the front door. Adding one or two or all of these tips you will for sure have a fixer upper styled home in no time.






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