7 favorite things to do near Bonita Springs

7 Favorite Things to Do Near Bonita Springs | construction2style

We recently went to Bonita Springs on family vacay and wanted to share with you our top favorite things we did and would recommend!

1. Doc’s Beach House

Doc’s had a really cool vibe from their restaurant on the water to their actual beach. Best part was that the beach had shade, which was huge for us especially with babies in tow. It was also nice to not have to haul food and drinks down to the water and could just grab something right there.

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2. Coconut Jack’s Waterfront Grill

Coconut Jack’s is where we ate the first night and the ambiance and food was really good! This was our favorite restaurant we ate at. Again, it was right on the water so the view was my favorite. We even got to see an alligator swimming around right off where we were sitting. Which actually kinda freaked me out! Ha! But I loved that the boys got to see their first alligator.

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3. Bonita Beach

The home Jamie’s parents rented was just walking distance from Bonita Beach, which was a really nice beach and convenient! Beckam and I took a walk to the beach every morning and almost every night. And then we spent a good three days just relaxing all day, playing and swimming on the beach.

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4. Heavenly Biscuit

Jamie’s sister brought us to her favorite breakfast spot, Heavenly Biscuit. Which I have a big heart for small town breakfast joints as my parents raised me in one. They only have a few tables and it states on the menu that they’re so busy you might not get a seat. Especially when you walk in like a big party like us, we just sat on a bench outside and ate, which was fine by me. But we love a good mom and pop shop, those are always the best breakfast places if you ask me!

5. Fort Myers Pier

After breakfast at Heavenly Biscuit we walked to the Fort Meyers Pier which was a perfect place to dolphin watch! We probably weren’t there for more than an hour and saw more than a handful of dolphins swim around. There are also a ton of bars and restaurants right along the water by the pier, although we didn’t hit any of them up this trip around.

6. Everglades

One of the days all the boys traveled over to the Everglades to take the Gator Park airboat rides. They even brought Greyson with and Jamie said at first he was a little scared he wouldn’t get on the boat. But once he finally did, he had the time of his life and loved every minute he got to hang with the boys. Sadly they didn’t see any alligators, but as a momma I was ok with that! I guess this time of the year they all swim inland.

7. Kamoon Sushi

The last night we were there we ate at Kamoon Sushi and it was sooo delicious! Although it wasn’t on the water and in a strip mall, everything we ordered we’d recommend. Even Beckam and Greyson were inhaling it.


7 Things to Do Near Bonita Springs, Florida | construction2style

There were a handful of other fun things we had on our list to-do like Barefoot Beach, Lover’s Key, and Momentum Brewhouse…but that will just have to wait until next time!

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