Adding a Bar to Your Space

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We recently completed a kitchen renovation where we created an open concept by taking out a wall, and integrating the kitchen into the dining space. Part of the design plan the home owners wanted to incorporate was some sort of a floating bar in the dining room. White cabinetry, bar to your space, construction2style, MN home remodeling

We had previously created a custom built dining room table for this client last summer, which fills their large dining room space. Even with this large table they still had a lot of extra room. Since they had a lot of space and love to entertain, they wanted to incorporate some bar style atmosphere.

13210 35th Ave N Minneapolis-print-004-7-Dining Room-2700x1800-300dpi

So we got to work and this is what we came up with!

custom white cabinetry custom made by construction2style

Jamie Molitor putting up custom crown molding for a kitchen remodel with construction2style

If you’re like this family and enjoy entertaining, a dry or wet bar is the perfect design idea for your home. Bars look great in dinning rooms, recreational rooms, offices, or in your outdoor space. There are so many design styles to choose from, there really isn’t a space it doesn’t look good in. From bar carts, to floating shelves, to custom cabinetry – you can’t go wrong. The best part about adding a bar to your space is styling them!
White cabinetry, bar to your space, construction2style, MN home remodeling

The key to a good bar design is to ensure it blends with the rest of the style of the room. This area was tied into the kitchen, so we matched the white cabinetry as well as the overall look and style of the design. Such as adding in the same white frost glass tile backsplash that we used in the kitchen.
White cabinetry, bar to your space, construction2style, MN home remodeling

Just becuase you want to add a bar to your space, it doesn’t always need to scream Man Cave! A beautiful, soft, elegant dry bar will do the trick.

And the most fun part is styling your bar! Use trays to help zone off areas and fill with glassware, bottles, a couple wine glasses or martini shakers. Color and texture can also play a huge part in styling your bar area. Look for pretty packaging or even custom coasters that provide style and function. We added a couple pops of color with a two glasses vases, one filled with limes and the other filled with lemons.

If you have beautiful glassware, you’re bar is the perfect place to show it off. Whether you have it decorated on the shelves or within the glass cabinets it’s the perfect place to show off those fancy plates and stylish glasses.

How to incorporate bar style

We hope you can take some design inspiration away for your bar space!


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