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7 Best Things to Do in Boston

May 30, 2023
Boston Harbor

When you think of things to do in Boston, what comes to mind first? Is it seeing Boston Red Sox play, learning about Boston Tea Party, Boston Italian Mobs, and…

Design + Remodeling Projects

Swimsuits and Sunnies

May 24, 2023
Swimsuits and Sunnies 2

If you are a Minnesota resident, you know that we are finally able to enjoy warm weather as temperatures slowly reach 75-80 F, a rare occurrence in our state. After…

Design + Remodeling Projects

Mercury Mosaics Studio Reveal

May 15, 2023
Mercury Mosaics

If you haven’t yet met the owner of Mercury Mosaics, Mercedes Austin, we are here to tell you that she is brilliant. She has redefined the definition of collaboration for us. She’s…

Design + Remodeling Projects

Best Mother’s Day Gifts

May 2, 2023
Best Mother's Day gifts

April is almost over, and we are so excited to welcome May into our homes, backyards, flowerbeds, and decks. Can you guess what else we are excited about? You are…

Design + Remodeling Projects

Chevron vs Herringbone | What to Choose?

April 25, 2023
Chevron vs Herringbone | What to choose?

The Herringbone pattern. When you hear me say it, what comes to mind first? Is it that blazer that your mom or co-worker used to wear? Or some beautiful parquet…


Best Easter Recipes 2023

April 3, 2023
best easter recipes

Are you hosting brunch or lunch this year?  Is your list of easter recipes quite traditional and you follow it every spring or can you improvise and go off script?…