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Cabinetry Design Options | Cabinetry 101

April 1, 2020
Cabinetry Design Options | Cabinetry 101 | construction2style

There are a lot of details that go into your cabinetry options. We recently wrote a post on the pros and cons and difference between prefab, semi-custom and custom cabinetry. …

remodeling projects

The Best Bathroom Fixtures

March 31, 2020
The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

Let’s talk bathrooms! One of our favorite spaces to design and remodel in a home. Today we wanted to talk about all the fixtures that go into a bathroom design…

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Tips for Working from Home

March 17, 2020
Tips for Working from Home | construction2style

Even before most of the world began working from home, Morgan and I both have been working from home one to two days a week. Every week, we have our…


Lorien Modern Classic Home Design

March 10, 2020

Our friends Sean and Blanca, an awesome realtor couple, introduced us to these clients that were buying a new home and wanted to complete some remodeling projects. The home has…