Two months with Two babes

Cuddles with big brother | construction2style

Well, we’ve officially made it two months with two kids. And everyone is still alive! Haha!

Two months down and we’re finally feeling back to normal and getting into a routine. Right off the bat, coming home from the hospital, we got off to a rough start. Greyson had the flu while we were in the hospital and then daddy got it two days after we got home. So there was no rest for this momma! Plus, I was also recovering from a c-section. Welcome right back into the chaos, no rest for the weary. But thank GOD for family and friends.

We cannot thank our people enough. Jamie’s mom was a saving grace and was helping us every minute of the day. Shortly after, my mom came down and has been staying with us since. I know, we are so stinking lucky! After that first couple of weeks, everything has been smooth sailing with the help of our people.

We are both back to work and I’m sure we’ll have a real wake up call once my mom goes back home next month. We always laugh when people ask us if we’re “back to work yet?” As anyone knows that owns their own business, there is no such thing as not working, haha! I think I maybe took a week off. And poor Jamie, the time he took off he was couch bound throwing up. And in the construction business the summers are madness. So planning a baby right in time for summer probably wasn’t our best idea. Ha! Oh well. Can’t complain about having work and a beautiful and healthy family.

My cousin, Kirsten, came over the other week to take some photos of Beckam and holy bonkers, I can’t stop looking through these…she is so crazy talented. She’s taken some of our branding photos and took Greyson’s newborn pictures and we can’t thank her enough for capturing all the moments.

Beckam William Molitor | 6 weeks
Greyson Stevan Molitor | 2 years 9 months

Dad's newborn | construction2style

I can’t even explain how much more I fall in love with my man with every baby we have. I told him the other day that having two babies has now literally made me want ten! I’ve always wanted four kids and Jamie has wanted two. Prior to Beckam I thought ok, as long as I get one more healthy baby I’ll be happy. But no joke, watching him with these boys has made me want a million more. I know I’m crazy, but gimme all the babies and bags under my eyes!!

I mean it’s only been six weeks and look at how Beckam is already looking and loving on his daddy….gah!

In dad's arms | construction2style

Summer family photos | construction2style

Minnesota family summers | construction2style

Two months with Two babes 1

Boys and bikes | construction2style

Little King | constuction2style

Baby king | construction2style

Mini crowns for newborns | construction2style

Mini king cuddles | construction2style

Mini king cuddles | construction2style

morning yawns | construction2style

Newborn smiles | construction2style

The biggest question we get asked…”How is Greyson doing have a new little baby brother?” And honestly…we cannot get over how sweet little G is to his brother. We had no idea what to expect out of Greyson once Beckam was here. We heard all. the. stories. We were geared up and totally prepared for when Greyson melted. But holy man, he has done nothing but just love on this little dude. Every morning the first thing he asks is to go see Beckam. His gentle kisses…his sweet voice and how his pitch changes when talking to him…he tells him, “hello baby brother” constantly. And before bed he typically needs to give him about ten kisses. And then even when he’s playing or watching TV he is always asking for Beck to come and lay by his side or play outside. I know the day will come when he’ll probably melt down but for now we’re just soaking it all in and trying not to let our hearts explode!

Brotherly Love | construction2style

Brotherly Love | construction2style

Baby eyes | constuction2style

Cuddles with big brother | construction2style

Cuddles with big brother | construction2style

Cuddles with big brother | construction2style

Cuddles with big brother | construction2style

Being a momma to these boys is honestly given me the most joy in the world. Give me my three boys and I’m happy. There truly is no better title than “momma.” Every time Greyson calls that out, I always get a big smile on my face. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m a momma and it’s almost been three years already.

Two months with Two babes 2

Two months with Two babes 3


Two months with Two babes 4

Two months with Two babes 5

I also want to point out this print above our bed that we got from Timber & Gray. It says, “If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.” – Mother Theresa

And I couldn’t agree more. There’s not a day I don’t read this print twice and remind myself of that. She has the most adorable prints; I almost died when we got this surprise in the mail. If this is your style, make sure to go and support her here –> Timber & Gray She has a lot more prints and there’s not one I don’t want.

Two months with Two babes 6

Two months with Two babes 7

Now…to determine which ones to frame for our home, that’s the big question! Haha! I’ve already gotten four printed in 11×14 prints and I already know I need about 20 more. Not including all the first day pictures my friend Chels took of when Beck wasn’t even a day old yet. Jamie likes simple decor, not a lot of things on the walls so he’s already like oh, dear…we don’t need a shrine of our family throughout our home.

ha! Oh babes, yes, yes we do!


Two months with Two babes 8

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