Beckam’s Birth Story

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Our beautiful baby boy is here.

And once again my delivery was no easy walk in the park, but he’s here and alive and as perfect as can be, and that’s all that matters. Meet our little peanut, Beckam William Molitor. 

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He came in weighting 9 pounds, 7 ounces. UFF-DA! I guess he’s not so little, ha! 

If you ladies read one of my last posts leading up to due day, you know I was anxious on whether I should attempt a c-section or do a VBAC, but in the end I decided to go the c-section route. Well, even that didn’t go as smoothly as I had planned. Here I was thinking that being I scheduled the birth, everything would be “scheduled” and go real smooth. Ya, right. Joke was on me! 

May 3rd, 5:30 am, right on time, we walked into the Mother Baby Center and I was ready to run right down onto that operating table and meet our little man. 

It really is a weird thing when you schedule the birth of your child. The first time I had no idea what to expect. My water had broken while we were out on the dirt bike track, I had been carrying my hospital bag around for weeks, we were in a hurry, excited, nervous, and pretty much freaking out! It was beautiful chaos.

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But this time, we knew exactly when to have our bags packed. I got to take a shower, do my hair, clean the house, get laundry done, and stock the fridge all before we headed out the door. It was like I was just going in for some small surgery but instead I was meeting my freaking child!! It was really a bizarre feeling. 

As I was getting checked in, each nurse would so politely say, “Are you ready to meet your baby? Just a few more minutes.” I mean that’s kinda a big deal! But everyone was so nonchalant. It was just so different.

I had to be at the hospital at 5:30am, but the surgery wasn’t scheduled until 7:30. In those two hours, they prepped me and what I thought wouldn’t fly by, did. And then it was go-time!

I hugged and kissed my Jamie goodbye (even though I’d see him shortly after they got me prepped) and I walked right on back and onto the operating table. For some reason I thought I would get rolled back there, but nope, you walk. I kinda felt like I was on death row, haha! I actually told the nurse that and she said, “No, you are on life row, you just created a life!” And then I started to cry…

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Once I got back onto the operating table, they did the spinal tap and laid me down. After a few minutes, long story short, I could still feel everything. And after a few more minutes, yet again, I could feel it all. So they gave me a few options and they sat me up and gave me a second spinal tap. And still, I could feel it all. So in the end I had to be completely put under. And I cried, yet again, as I drifted to sleep. 

I’ll never forget the look in one of the nurse’s eyes who was calming me down as I drifted away, she was like an angel. Doesn’t it seem like all the nurses are like your mom at the hospital when you’re having your baby?! They all of the sudden become your best friend, make you cry and you just want to hug them non-stop. You don’t want them to go anywhere. They are just all so loving and kind. I don’t even remember what she said, her voice was so soothing. I hardly remember what the angelic-like nurse was saying to me as I was trying not to freak out. She said that she had just walked in and that I didn’t know her but she was going to take care of me and not to cry because I got to see the little human we just created real soon. 

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Beckam's Birth Story 6

It was Jamie’s turn this time with baby #2 to hold our little one first and share those first special moments. When I came to the first thing I heard from the nurse was, “Ohhh, he is so beautiful, Morgan.” And I started crying, again! I couldn’t get them to wheel me into the room where he and Jamie were fast enough. And then I saw him, and he was perfect. And very hungry! 

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I don’t remember how long I was out. Jamie said it wasn’t very long but what I do know is when I held my baby I looked at the clock and it was 10:30, which was a few hours after the scheduled surgery. 

My sweet, sweet girlfriend Chelsie Lopez, came to the hospital shortly afterwards and captured all the moments of Beckam’s first day into the world and his first time meeting his big brother, Greyson. There aren’t any words to say how much the video she created means to us, but I wanted to share these moments with you guys. 

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