Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! 

We are so excited to team up with some of our favorite bloggers and share all of our favorite finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020, for your Black Friday shopping deals! Things we’ve bought throughout this past year, or had our eyes on and can’t wait to buy! Black Friday looks a lot different this year and it seems that there are deals going on all throughout the week now and not just on Friday.

Who’s ready to get their Christmas shopping on?! And for all of you that have a friend or family member that is impossible to buy for, we hope this list helps you out. 

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

1. Brett Hair Clip Set

The hair clips and oversized scrunchies are the new cool thing and they sure don’t disappoint. For any age too, a hair clip is the perfect little stocking stuffer gift. And how adorable are these from Anthropologie?! And best of all, they’re having a 30% sale right now sitewide. 

2. Scrunchie with a Bow

Oversized scrunchie or scrunchie with a bow, I’m all about the scrunchies these days. And there are so many fun and cute ways to wear them. Linking to just a few of my faves that are a great deal! 

3. Oversized Scrunchie

The best thing about the oversized scrunchies is that they gave your hair a little bit more volume! And they’re just fun to wear.

Linking to more of my favorite oversized ones, that are leopard too. Any girly girl, for any age, will love these. And also make for some fun stocking stuffers. 

4. Lexi Slippers

How cute are these Lexi slippers from Anthropology?! And they’re having a sitewide 30% off sale right now. Everyone needs a little comfy updates slippers during these old winter months. 

5. LeLeLerele Doll 

I’m always on the hunt for something for my nieces that’s not only practical but stylish and I thought these Lelelelerele dolls were absolutely adorable and best of all, 30% off. I know our almost-two-year-old niece would love these! 

6. Society Socks

We are big fans of Society Socks and Jamie has been wearing them for years! My favorite thing about these guys is their mission and what they stand for. With every pair sold, they donate a pair to those in need. And not only are they comfy they have the most fun designs. 

7. Lissa & Nate

You guys know those necklaces I wear non-stop? Lissa & Nate is where they are from. I have been wearing their Dottie necklace in gold for over a year now and have not once taken it off. 

And best of all you can use code “Morgan” for 20% off.

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

8. MN Basket Girl

If you’re local to the Twin Cities, or even if you’re not…I always recommend MN Basket Girl for any holiday.

She is our go-to for clients’ gifts and now that I have my arms full with Ellie girl and Greyson home full time – she has even been doing all of our holiday and birthday gifts for family and friends. I tell her my budget and she finds the best goodies and even delivers them here locally for me so can worry about one less thing. 

She has also so graciously offered you all a 10% off code using: “10Holidayc2s” which expires on December 6th.

  Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020 

9. Faux Fur Throw

You can never have enough blankets and soft ones to cuddle up in now that the cold winter months are upon us. I got this one for Greyson awhile back and there’s not a night he now won’t sleep without it. And it’s not too uncommon that Beckam is fighting him for it. 

10. Ellie’s Knotted Sleeper

We’re all about those knotted sleepers for Ellie. Not only they are cute but also so practical for quick and easy access for those diaper changes. And best of all, I get them off Amazon for a steal! 

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

11. Greyson & Beckam’s Pj’s 

Same with the boy’s Pj’s…these are their new favorite and they are silky smooth too. As Greyson says, “I don’t feel like I’m wearing clothes!” ha! And they’re so simple and cute too. Perfect for any gift for your littles, nieces, or nephews. 

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

12. Baby Girl Headbands

I can’t get enough of the bow headbands for Ellie and I’ve been buying them in bulk packages off of Amazon. They are the perfect little gift for that new baby girl in your life! 

13. Jamie’s Travel Joggers 

We’re all about those joggers over here! When I bought these for Jamie I wasn’t too sure if he’d wear them and now he doesn’t take them off.

They are comfy and stylish and every time he does rock them, I have to say I think he looks smoking hot! I’d recommend sizing down too. 

14. Jamie’s Sweatshirt 

Jamie’s sweatshirt he rocks often is this white lightweight hoodie and it is on major clearance right now! I love that sweatshirts in style right now and I hope they never go out because we’re all about the comfort in this household. 

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

15. Morgan’s Leggings  

I swear by these leggings! And they are on major clearance right now- 40% off!! They for sure will be going as gifts this year.

You literally don’t feel like you have pants on and they feel like butter. And bonus, makes you feel like you lost 10 pounds. I would also recommend sizing down. I typically wear a medium and got them in a small.

16. Morgan’s Sweatshirt 

Another sweatshirt favorite! This is one during quarantine I usually wear for 4 days in a row and the only reason I take it off is to wash it. It’s so comfy and very flattering if you’re like me and don’t have the best midsection area. I’ll eventually own one in every color it’s that good. 

17. Shop Laura Ann

And this is my new favorite, say hello to Laura Ann! She sent this as a gift for Ellie after I had her make some for myself and the boys with our c2s logo on them. Such a fun way to get personal with your gift-giving and do something a bit different. 

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

18. Instant Pot Duo + Air Fryer

We recently got the instant pot duo plus air fryer all in one for a gift and it’s been a game-changer for our daily meals. Time is of the essence nowadays and it has taken my meal prep time and cut it in half.

I had actually been waiting for an instant pot for a holiday gift for the last couple of years and hadn’t received it yet. Why I hadn’t just gone and boughten one I’m not sure! But any momma would love this! 

19. iRobot Roomba

Another gift we received last year was the Roomba and again, game-changing for this family of five and having 3 littles that are always dropping things on the floor. This thing is running in our house 24/7. 

20. Emlyn Basket 

You all know how much we love our wicker baskets! They make for great storage containers for blankets or even your kids’ toys but are also ideal for putting plants into them! Heck, even this year, we may just do our Christmas tree. 

21. Denim & Ink – Mpls Girl

Another great personalized gift we would highly recommend is from our girl at Denim & Ink. We got this family photo made and framed it, which now hangs in our living room, and love it!

We’ve also gifted this and had her draw up photos of friends and had them put onto note cards. Makes for the most thoughtful and unexpected gifts! 

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

22. Doll House Furniture

Being we have so many nieces we’re always looking at stylish kids’ toys and this adorable dollhouse set was too cute! Best of all Crate & Barel is having up to 40% off. Another cute set that I know our two years old niece will love! 

23. Wood Teether

Ellie got one of these wood teethers as a gift this past month and although she isn’t teething yet she does love to hold onto it all the time. And it’s adorable! Something I know I’ll be gift-giving soon for those newborns in our lives. 

24. Apple AirPods 

AirPods, something I gave Jamie for his birthday earlier this year, and within a week’s time was wondering how he lived without them. Then after I saw how much use he was getting and how nice it was to be so hands-free, I was a bit jealous and Jamie noticed and gifted me a pair. These are something we both love and if you haven’t taken the plunge- this would be a perfect gift for yourself as well. 

25. Personalized Golf Balls

This is on my list to give Jamie for Christmas this year! He takes pride in c2s and loves anything with our logo on it so I’ll be getting the c2s logo on a handful of them for his stocking and I know it’ll put a smile on his face. Name or logo, for that golfer friend of yours – this will be a nice personalized unexpected gift. 

26. Golf GPS Speaker 

Jamie is a hard one to buy for because when he wants something he just gets it and he also doesn’t really need a lot in life so I’m always trying to think outside the box with him. And being he spends almost all of his summer on the course, I’m always thinking up things in the summer that are golf-related to buy for him at Christmas.

After going on a golfing double date day with a favorite client of ours, when they were rocking jams on their cart all day, I thought…now that is something I’m adding to the list. So this will be added to Jamie’s list this year. Best of all, it not only plays music but helps determine your shots to the green! 

27. Hydro Flask

Something my sister-in-law carries around with her nonstop is the hydro flask! And after hearing how amazing it was I bought one for myself just recently and within a day’s time I knew this was something I’d be gift-giving this year for those family members of mine that have it all! 

28. Wood Bead Garland

We love some good wood bead garland and these are a steal of a deal off of Amazon. We have them draped in bowls for decor, set on top of books on our coffee table, and also now we’ll be incorporating them into our staircase garland. For someone who has it all and loves to have a stylish home, your friend won’t be disappointed receiving these! 

29. Blue Light Glasses

This is something that soon our entire family will own, with how much screen time we’ve all been getting in with quarantine. It’s been pretty scary to read the stats behind what screens do to us and this week Jamie was even saying how he can tell when he has been doing bids all day and on the computer, because the next day he has a headache. So I know what he’ll be getting from Santa this year! 

Felix Gray is having a 15% off for Black Friday. Or Eye Buy Direct is having a buy one get one + 20% off this week. 

30. Wild Grain Box

As you guys know we love when food is made easy! Especially when you can have it simple plus healthy and delicious. And right now our friends at Wild Grain Box are giving $10 off with code “BF2020.” 

My favorite thing about their story is that they started their brand when they were pregnant and looking for healthy, organic ingredients, healthy fibers, and high-quality carbs! And that’s when I found them too! 

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Our Favorite Finds, Holiday Gift Guide 2020 

31. Lake of the Woods Coffee

Our favorite, Lake of the Woods Coffee, which used to be called Family Laser, has the best-personalized gifts! From coffee to home decor to laser engraved cutting boards. Their site is filled with gifts that your family and friends will love. And so generously they are offering 10% off with code: “c2s10” at checkout so stock up now


Hope this post was helpful for your holiday and Black Friday shopping! 


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2 years ago

OK, your friend who has the personalized shopping service is brilliant! What a great idea and fantastic service! Also, I’m checking out those leggings. Anything that lets me feel like I lost 10 pounds is a must have! 🙂