Say hello to – Black Lake Place on Lake Minnetonka

Say hello to the, Black Lake Cottage on Lake Minnetonka

We have been keeping a secret and are finally spilling the beans…say hello to our next best adventure, the Black Lake Place.

We are beyond excited for our next big project, and even better to share it all with you! We have big plans for this 2,265 sq. ft, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home on Lake Minnetonka. It might not look like much now but just wait…dumpster is en route and the hammers will be swinging soon! 

We’ll document the full process here on construction2style and once it’s done, fingers crossed, we’ll open up the doors and welcome you all in too!

Your staycation or vacation destination, the Black Lake Place. And you bet, we’ll renovate all of the exterior and do some major landscaping too. 

Say hello to the, Black Lake Cottage on Lake Minnetonka

A couple of years back Jamie and I put a bug in my brother’s ear at one of our financial advisory meetings (he’s our wealth manager) about embarking on the journey of more investment properties. We’ve done our fair share of investment homes, in which we’ve bought, lived in for a couple of years, and then sold. But now that we’ve started our family, and planted our roots within our community so long are the days of moving around and renovating for resale when it comes to our own personal homes. However, we knew we wanted to do something more when it comes to investment properties.

Our advisor was on board for our big goal dream list however at that moment said, now is not the time for a number of different reasons.

The year following we brought the topic up again as we were going over our 2020 goals and he gave us the go-ahead but also didn’t want us rushing into anything either. 

We were advised to just put our feelers out there for silent investors and to keep our eyes peeled for smart investment opportunities, and he set the actions in place for when that opportunity arose we’d be ready. 

The search was on and after eight months, we found our silent investors and came across this beauty. The second we walked into the home we could see and feel it’s full potential! I could visually see you all enjoying this home with your friends and family.

A place to retreat to, relax, connect with one another and nature, disconnect from the outside world, and make unforgettable memories with your friends and family. This is the goal behind this home. 

An offer was made and after negotiations, we were on our way to embark on our first rental property. 

Outdated, but well maintained, good parking, lake out front with a dock, a beautiful park in the back, and for sale by the owner. We even got to meet the owner and get to know how the home was used and cared for and by whom. Good bones, good structure, and best of all, a beautiful view of Black Lake.

Black Lake is one of the Bays on Lake Minnetonka located in the communities of Spring Park and Mound. The homeowner raved about the bay, not too busy and perfect for kayaking, paddle-boarding, ice fishing, and a quick and easy to get to all of the action that Lake Minnetonka holds. Fishing is the main entertainment on Black Lake. Slow speeds, minimal traffic and a varied aquatic demographic make fishing ideal. 

Say hello to the, Black Lake Cottage on Lake Minnetonka

We’ve been scheming up design ideas already. Our color pallet is ready to roll and the selections have begun!

The entire home will be a full gut and remodel and Jamie is already plotting out the functionality. He has plans to move the main entrance door, wall off what was used as an office space to create an additional bedroom, and of course some more fun and exciting adjustments throughout the home to create the best layout to host, sleep, and entertain for all of you. 

Because that is what the main goal of this home will be used for! To share with all of you for a place to gather, entertain, and hang within this home we redesign and renovate.

Our main goal was and still is to use this as an Airbnb for all of you to rent out but due to some pending city regulations, we may be doing some longer-term rentals, event hosting, or who knows, our plans may just fall through and we may be selling it to one of you. Regardless, we’re taking you with on the full journeya nd behind the scenes of this design and remodel … the good, the bad, obstacles we face and all the fun we’re about to have! 

So first, here’s a little glimpse of the spaces before we get to work… 


The first thing we noticed and loved was how open the kitchen was already. No walls will need to come down in this area. And adjacent to this view is all windows to the lake. 

More than likely plumbing won’t need to be moved, which will save a ton of costs, and the layout will remain the same…besides adjusting and resizing the island. 

New cabinets, countertops, flooring, tile, the rest will all be going! 

Say hello to the, Black Lake Cottage on Lake Minnetonka

Main Level Living Room:

The kitchen is open to this living room here. Not much work will have to be done here besides redoing the fireplace, ceilings, flooring, and paint. 

See that view to the lake?! I can’t wait for you to relax and sip your morning coffee right here. 

Say hello to the, Black Lake Cottage on Lake Minnetonka


All of the bedrooms pretty much look the same. New flooring, ceilings, lighting, and paint! And I’m sure we’ll incorporate some fun accent walls along the way. 

Say hello to the, Black Lake Cottage on Lake Minnetonka

Main Level Bathroom:

Lots of potential in this bathroom! All of the bathrooms will be full gut and remodel. 

Say hello to the, Black Lake Cottage on Lake Minnetonka

Say hello to - Black Lake Place on Lake Minnetonka 1

Say hello to - Black Lake Place on Lake Minnetonka 2

Lower Level Bathroom:

Say hello to - Black Lake Place on Lake Minnetonka 3

Lower Level:

And again, lots of opportunity for the lower level. The bones are all in place but in need of some major updating! New flooring, paint, ceilings, goodbye wall paneling, and hello to a new fireplace and bar redesign. 

Just like the main level, the best part about this home is that both levels have a large open view of the lake and easy access to the walkout. 

Say hello to - Black Lake Place on Lake Minnetonka 4

Say hello to - Black Lake Place on Lake Minnetonka 5

We can’t wait to share this whole journey with you and fingers crossed for you all to be staying right here and enjoying the Black Lake Place on Lake Minnetonka! 

Say hello to - Black Lake Place on Lake Minnetonka 6




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1 year ago

So excited for you!! I am excited to follow along!!

1 year ago

I’m so excited for you!! Can’t wait to follow along!

1 year ago

Congratulations! Fingers crossed that you’re still able to do short term rentals if you choose. I love the wood furniture in there (barstools, coffee table), I know you will make it look fab. Really excited to embark on this journey in tandem – we just closed on a lake house with the same vision in mind – an escape to relax and recharge … and of course is a full gut renovation too!

Nicholas Kirvida
Nicholas Kirvida
1 year ago

Any updates on the progress?!


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