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Our last Evereve post! I’m a little sad. I could talk about these guys and being a mom all day long. Seriously though, how fun is being a mom?! Yesterday I chatted about what Mother’s Day means to me, so today I’m going to share my favorite thing about being a mom.


Favorite Thing About Being a Mom

My absolute favorite thing about being a mom is seeing life through Greyson’s eyes. I had heard about this while I was pregnant, but I truly didn’t understand what it meant. I thought it meant doing adventures with them and seeing how happy and excited they get. What I didn’t think about was the fact that he literally had never seen life before. So everything he saw, touched, smelled, tasted….that was all for the first time.


Everything is so fun to this little guy! Jamie and I will never forget the first time he saw snow, or when he watched his daddy ride his dirtbike for the first time. Even the simplest things, such as playing with rocks and the way he looks at rain. Even emotions. It’s so crazy to me how he can sense fear and happiness. He can sense the tone in the way I might be speaking to someone…if it’s slightly abrupt or forceful he’ll start crying. It breaks my heart, but it is such a good reminder for me to be careful of my tone. I might not think I’m upset and start talking to someone, but Greyson will recognize it immediately and become scared. Or even laughter. Jamie and I will never forget the first time he laughed and we laughed. He knew it was funny and we liked it so he kept doing it. It all just amazes me. C2S_April70

This little guy has our heart and we’ll have his back forever and ever. We love growing and exploring with him everday. While we think we’re teaching Greyson so much, if we’re honest, he is teaching us so much more. C2S_April72Here’s to a quadrillion more play days buddy! 

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