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Way late to the game with this post, this event was held in July and now just posting in October.

But I wanted to share about this group and my honest full experience as I regularly get questions about the business circles that I’m apart of.

This ONE is it.

I’m in love. Not only with my group, but where it’s helped take our business.

I’m part of BWC which stands for Business Women’s Circle.

If you know what a mastermind group is, this isn’t a mastermind, but I like to call this mine.

Once a month a small group of us get together and for three hours spend time working on our business instead of in it.

It’s the only three hours out of the month that I disconnect from my phone and emails and think about construction2style and ways to grow it. There are many small groups within this BWC organization, which is how they like to keep the groups, small.

This is my group. Can’t you just tell how much fun we have and how educated we all are?! haha!

I like to think I’m in the best group because the ladies that are in my group overfill my cup. They give me so much good energy, and I’m constantly in awe of the things that they are doing with their businesses.

This group of females are my sounding board, and, well, to be honest basically our c2s board. There is no negative energy and no judgment. They only think about what’s best for your brand and business, strategize on ways to grow with you and move forward and (when needed) help problem solve or direct you to the needed resources.

They also put no two of the same industries together in a group as well as (however, how natural it does become) seek to prevent referrals, as they don’t want to make that valuable time about networking.

Once a year they host their annual event. This year it was held at The Machine Shop this past summer. The event is all day and is open to the public. It was a day full of hugs, tears, and laughs.

I was blown away by how I got into this group of incredible women and also could hardly believe how many incredibly talented people there are right here in the Twin Cities.

Three months later, I’m still feeling motivated from this event.

My friend Nora McInerny was the MC, and oh my lanta every time I’m around her, I’m usually peeing my pants. If you guys don’t listen to her Podcast, Cafeteria Christians, you really should.

The whole event was centered around talking about living with purpose. Some of the stats I wrote down that Lani Basa, the founder of BWC, touched on were:

  • 91% of consumers will buy from brands with purpose.
  • Having value of purpose in the workplace leads to highly engaged employees and more revenue.
  • Hiring purpose oriented people creates more meaningful relationships, they believe their work makes an impact, and are more likely to seek growth.
  • You also need to know your why behind your business to know your purpose.
  • What are three words that describe your purpose?

We also heard from some other incredible speakers and panelists that all blew my mind and the keynote speaker was Nancy Lyons, CEO of Clockwork.

Ooooh my, was I laughing and crying at the same time during her entire presentation. Like hysterically and the entire time.

I want to follow her around the Twin Cities. I couldn’t jot down all everyone said, but a few from Nancy were…

  • Step on my shoes but don’t mess up my shine.
  • Just be a good human.
  • There’s no such thing as work/life balance.
  • Most of us have never had permission to be heard.
  • Be an employee and think like a CEO!

And most importantly, she taught us about NOT looking forward to menopause. haha! I pretty much peed my pants as she was going through this stage of her life during the speech… but I probably won’t be laughing when it happens to me… haha!

They left us with 3 things to takeaways to do that day. And I’ve been practicing!

  • judging
  • comparing
  • the need to know why

And to remember, living a purposeful life sometimes means just being present.

Here’s a little glimpse of all the fun we had.

To my surprise, during this event, I was awarded the “Innovation Leader” award. Up against all these incredible minds, I almost fell over. There is no way I deserved that title but was humbled and honored to receive.

And if you’re looking to get involved in a business group, I would highly recommend looking into joining the BWC, and they will be sure to find the right group and fit for you.

Pictures complimentary of Chelsie Lopez Marketing.



Business Women’s Circle from Kylee and Christian on Vimeo.

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