c2s Crew Visit Day 2 | Noah’s Story

c2s Crew Visit Day 2 | Noah's Story 1

Noah here!

So after day one of visiting with the c2s crew, I couldn’t get Topher’s glorious mustache out of my mind and I was beating myself up for not going out there with one of my own. But I wasn’t going to let him keep all the glory, I knew I had to do something. So when I woke up the next morning to get ready for the visit, the first thing I did was grabbed my beard trimmer and went to work.

I did the best I could, but I knew my little wispy blonde mustache didn’t even show up on the same Richter scale, but at least I could show some comradery with my co-worker, Topher. And I think I at least succeeded in that department, as we had fun with them and got some good pictures.

c2s Crew Visit Day 2 | Noah's Story 2

As far as the pictures go, we took them on Friday and Saturday. The photographer is one of my roommates, so we had some great poses planned out for the visit. These ranged from 80s sitcom, Conga Line, Charlie’s Angels, Too Hard for the Yard, a couple of standard poses, and even a cheerleader pyramid that I wasn’t able to get cleared by the officer working visiting. I could see he was intrigued but thought about all that could go wrong on his watch, haha.

I always get a ton of crap and make my fellow inmates laugh that work in Commissary, who see my pictures before I do — just trying to keep everyone entertained, haha! 

c2s Crew Visit Day 2 | Noah's Story 3

As far as the visit itself, day two picked up right where day one ended as they had some clarification and follow-up questions from the day before, but I also had some questions of my own, such as what concerns do they have for me coming to work with them? What is each of their contributions to construction2style? And where do they want construction2style to go in the future?

I couldn’t get them to voice any concerns as I am sure they all struggle with the same “Super Optimistic” tendencies that I do myself. I can only look at all the possibilities of adding me to the team and overlook the chaos that could occur if my life was to go off the rails again, and they were now passengers.

It’s up to me to make sure that doesn’t happen, but as we know with recovering addicts, anything is possible as far as what they each do individually. This is where I got to know a lot more about Jordan.

c2s Crew Visit Day 2 | Noah's Story 4

She had good questions for me on day one but she didn’t come out of her shell until day two, when I asked her what she did for construction2style on the interior design side of the business, and I soon found out she did everything in that department.

I could see the passion she has for her job, as she walked me through her process of how she takes an email and turns it into revenue for the brand. All I knew about her at this point was she was married to a guy named Matt and they recently moved out of their first apartment, which I had learned in a post she had written, and Morgan had mailed it to me.

I haven’t received any blog posts from Topher, so I didn’t have much to go on for him. After our visit, I see there has been a lot of talent going to waste (as he said he doesn’t write on the blog all that often, but as a lot to say), so hopefully that will soon change, and we will hear more from Topher.

Topher described what he does on a daily basis as well, helping Jamie, preparing for the sub contractors that come through between the demo and the finish, and makes sure that the place doesn’t look like a tornado came through and just threw dirt and dust all over the rest of the house.

From the sound of it, I will be doing very similar work as Topher, and the goal is to eventually free up Jamie’s time so he can be utilized in other aspects of the business, which is a goal I look forward to helping him reach.

The more and more I keep hearing about everything that construction2style has going on the more and more I keep getting drawn to the blog side, and I feel like that is where my true talents will be used to the fullest.

I am confident my previous skills of painting and working with homeowners and other contractors will, without a doubt, will be utilized, but I think in the end, writing may be my calling.

Towards the end of the visit, I discussed some of my ideas for the blog and possible ways to either expand the brand or create another branch of it. And everyone was on board and we can’t wait to chat more about that soon. I want to continue to assist people who are having their struggles, whether its mental health, addiction, incarceration, losing a job or just changing careers, and is looking to turn their life around and rebrand and become something better. I want to provide a platform for those people to share their stories, so others out their know someone can relate to them and give them a home. It’s also a way to help people like me who are coming out of prison and have a story to tell or a message to give, and I think we can help them be heard.

I think construction2style has a bright future and I can’t wait to get out and be a bigger part of it. I am so thankful I have Morgan as a sister, Jamie as a brother-in-law, and Topher and Jordan as co-workers because I am now even more optimistic about my chances of being successful upon my release than I have ever been before.

Thanks for listening!

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