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c2s Crew Visiting Me, Day One | Noah Bergland | construction2style

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Hey! Noah here.

The c2s crew came out to visit me last weekend, and now the suspense of getting out and getting started with these guys is killing me. I am even more excited to get out and get started with them, beyond just blogging with them behind the scenes. 

So as soon as I walked into the visitation room and took a look at the team, something caught the corner of my eye, and it was Topher’s mustache. It was when one of my roommates (who happened to be in the same room described it as “a big stupid walrus mustache,” and he meant that with the utmost respect). I’ll be honest; it caught me off guard. For some reason, I had this image of Topher as this twenty-something kid, fresh out of college, doesn’t know a lot about life. Maybe even a Napoleon Dynamite looking individual….and here sits a bad-ass guy wearing a mustache that I dream of (in which I am very jealous of, being I wouldn’t be able to grow that if I had 200 years to try).

c2s Crew Visiting Me, Day One | Noah Bergland | construction2style

He looked more like Tom Selleck from Magnum PI, and if you are too young for that reference Topher, you have Google images, look him up. Not a bad looking guy to look like.

The worst part is a week before this visit with the c2s team, I was knocking my beard down and leaving my mustache (with five weeks of growth may I add) just in case I decided I wanted to enter the visit with a mustache…and then and I chickened out.

Sometimes meeting someone new or seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while can be awkward, but that never existed at this visit with these guys, not for a second.

Both Topher and Jordan were great from the very beginning, starting with the initial greeting.

Of course, my sister was the first to jump up and hug me, then Jordan and Topher both dived right in with hugs as well, like we were old friends, and the embraces ended with Jamie.

c2s Crew Visiting Me, Day One | Noah Bergland | construction2style

Jamie hasn’t been here in about two years (a fact Morgan may still try dispute), but it’s true. I’m not saying he is a terrible brother-in-law; I know he is a busy man, so I am going to give him a pass. I also let him know he has ten more months to make up for lost time before I get out…but time is running out. Jamie, I am going to send you a copy of the visiting schedule, just to make sure you don’t cross up my weekends (haha!). Jamie pointed out that he thinks he has come more times then Britta (my sister-in-law). As I ran through the visits (that I don’t forget), both at Milan and Yankton, we figured that they have both been here and there about 5-7 times, so although those numbers are admirable, there is still room for improvement.

Alright let’s get back to Topher, because lets face it he’s my dude. And I think this visit was only the start of something very special. I know he’s married, and I will try not to interfere with the time he spends with his wife and future kids, but I am not going to make any promises on this post that anyone can hold me to, after all, I have been in prison for quite some time.

Topher has a major in Psychology, which I didn’t know until the visit. I quickly realized after about the first hour of him asking great probing questions about my personal life, my addiction, my incarceration, and how he could possibly come and be an inmate for about a month.

c2s Crew Visiting Me, Day One | Noah Bergland | construction2style

As time went on and the visit from the first day wound down, I realized how lucky I am to have the situation I have waiting for me when I get out in 10 months, with the team behind construction2style.

The four hours that we had on the first day went way too fast, and I talked way too much and my sister also told me that I said too many cuss words, and I promised her I would work on that.

By the end of the day, I couldn’t wait to come back for day two, hoping to find out more about them, construction2style, and the direction they want things to go. 

I hugged them all goodbye, and as I was getting pat searched out after visitation, the officer working the visiting said, “Man, your buddies stash was very impressive.” And as I smirked and nodded with a mix of envy and pride, I replied, “Yes, it was!”

c2s Crew Visiting Me, Day One | Noah Bergland | construction2style

(P.S. Noah didn’t mention, however, but he came back day two with his mustache!) 

Thanks for listening!

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