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Did you know that we have a weekly newsletter? We call it The Weekly Edit! We’ve been making some changes to it for our amazing followers to get more of an inside look at construction2style and our team.

The Weekly Edit

On the weekly edit newsletter, which is sent out weekly on Mondays at 4 pm CST, we give you all types of content. From projects to family, to lifestyle, to food, it’s all there! We also have some fun additions to our newsletter, like the ability to shop past projects and our favorite items. 

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We also give useful tips and tricks when it comes to business and marketing. We want to help other businesses grow and be successful, so we give information that has helped us in the past. 

We give updates on our recent projects and link to tutorials to help with at-home projects. 

Why Join?

We think our newsletter is a great way to see what c2s is up to at a glance. The Weekly Edit provides fun content, such as D.I.Y. projects or yummy recipes to make at home! 

At c2s, we love trying new things, and we want you to try them too, so we’re always coming up with fun and fresh ideas for you. Most of the time, we’ll show these ideas in our newsletter.

One thing that is exclusive to The Weekly Edit is the gift guides we send off to the subscribers. These guides usually contain decor ideas that we use at  c2s projects as well as in our homes. It’s a great way to get ideas for your home, or gifts for friends and family! We send options from rugs to kitchen decor, to lamps. We think this is a helpful tool for those who want to decorate their house but might not know how.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the gift guides look like. We provide both a visual view of it as well as a useful document that allows you to shop the products right from there! 

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We also started providing our subscribers with exclusive access to past projects. We allow access to the actual selection sheet that we give our clients. This allows our followers to actually buy the products that we had spec’d for our clients. It’s a great tool that allows them to make changes to their home without needing to outsource a design company.

Here is a sneak peek! 

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How to Subscribe

Subscribing to our newsletters is super easy!

We have a newsletter section on the website you can go to and the Weekly Edit is at the top of the list. While you’re there, check out our other newsletters as well.

We also have a sign-up sheet on the bottom portion of our website.

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We would love for you to subscribe and stay in the know with us at c2s as well as get some exclusive tips, tricks, and gift guides! 

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[…] our Weekly Edit newsletter, we share exclusive content such as the exact selection sheet for this project that you […]