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Creative Conferences 2019

December 24, 2018
Our Favorite Marketing Conferences | construction2style

We can’t believe we’re already planning our year out for 2019! When we start planning out a new year one of the first things we get on our calendar is…

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BWC Annual Forum

October 17, 2018
Minneapolis Business Women's Circle | construction2style

Way late to the game with this post, this event was held in July and now just posting in October. But I wanted to share about this group and my…

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Public Speaking Insecurities

October 15, 2018
Tips for Overcome Public Speaking Insecurities | construction2style

In the end of 2016 I joined BWC and at one of our first meetings in 2017, I said out loud to my group that I wanted to do more public…

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Your Guide to Social Media Marketing

October 5, 2018
the how-to guide to social media marketing | construction2style

Happy Friday guys! We had so much stinking fun with you guys last night; we can’t stop smiling. My girl, Jen, & I led one of the breakout sessions and…

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Junk Bonanza

September 26, 2018
renovating for love or money | construction2style

Hey guys, Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We spent three full days hanging over at Canterbury with Junk Bonanza soaking in all of the junk and…