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Public Speaking Insecurities

October 15, 2018
Tips for Overcome Public Speaking Insecurities | construction2style

In the end of 2016 I joined BWC and at one of our first meetings in 2017, I said out loud to my group that I wanted to do more public…

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Your Guide to Social Media Marketing

October 5, 2018
the how-to guide to social media marketing | construction2style

Happy Friday guys! We had so much stinking fun with you guys last night; we can’t stop smiling. My girl, Jen, & I led one of the breakout sessions and…

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Junk Bonanza

September 26, 2018
renovating for love or money | construction2style

Hey guys, Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We spent three full days hanging over at Canterbury with Junk Bonanza soaking in all of the junk and…

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BizCom Summit

September 20, 2018
BizCom Summit at Mercury Mosaics | construction2style

Hey guys! We’re so excited to put together this event and share it all with you. As you know, each month we’ve been putting on workshops at our office in…

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Brand Story Workshop- October 11

July 31, 2018
brand story workshop with tim brown | construction2style

At one of our most recent SEO workshops, we got to hear from Tim Brown of Hook Agency chat on search engine optimization (SEO). He’s one of my friends, I’ve…