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30 day Grocery Bill Savings Challenge

May 15, 2020
30 day Grocery Bill Savings Challenge 1

Alrighty friends, who’s with me?! I’m done hoarding, wasting, and overbuying all the things – especially when it comes to our groceries. As you guys know, a couple of years…

recipes, food + drink

The Best Frozen Vodka Slush Recipe

March 7, 2020
Vodka Slush Recipe

It’s 62 degrees in MN today, which means it’s basically summertime! Haha!  We’re turning on the grill and busting out the slush’s even if snow is still on the ground….

recipes, food + drink

Uncle Frank’s Stir Fry Recipe

February 21, 2020
Uncle Frank's Stir Fry Recipe | construction2style

Another one of our family favorites is my uncle Frank’s Stir Fry Recipe.  However, with most recipes we use, I always add a little twist. So although this original recipe…

recipes, food + drink

The World’s Best Bran Muffin Recipe

February 18, 2020
Worlds-best-bran-muffin-recipe | constructions2style

I’m a little biased in thinking this is the world’s best bran muffin recipe because it came from my parent’s restaurant, The Guest House. A place I was raised in…

recipes, food + drink

Air Fryer Recipes: 8 Healthy Dinner Ideas

February 17, 2020
Air Fryer Recipes - 8 Healthy Meals | construction2style

Who’s on the air fryer bandwagon?! Jamie’s brother and his wife recently bought one, and that was the first time I had heard about it. After a while and all of…