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noah, life in prison

Getting Sick in Prison | Noah’s Story

November 10, 2019
Getting Sick in Prison - Noahs Story | construction2style

Getting sick in prison sucks and I know because I am sick right now. My sister was here this past weekend with the whole construction2style team and of course, I…

noah, life in prison

Visiting Yankton, SD Prison Q & A

November 9, 2019
Visiting Yankton, SD Prison Q & A | construction2style

Last week our team took a road trip to Yankton, SD Federal Prison, to visit my little brother Noah, who is incarcerated for 120 months. And it was so, so,…

noah, life in prison

Humor in Prison | Noah’s Story

Humor in Prison | Noah's Story | construction2style

Noah here. So, I believe humor has a place everywhere…work, home, church, treatment, out with friends, and especially in prison. I have felt this way my whole life, and I…

noah, life in prison

Visits with Kim | Noah’s Story

November 3, 2019
Visits with Kim | Noah's Story | construction2style

Hey all, Noah here. The other day I was emailing with my cousin Kim, and she was telling me how proud of me she was, and she mentioned back to…

noah, life in prison

A letter from Kim | Noah’s Story

November 2, 2019
A letter from Kim | Noah's Story | construction2style

Morgan here! Noah recently talked to our cousin Kim and through their conversation, something hit home with him and he ended up asking her if she’d write him a letter…