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Noah, Life in Prison

Noah’s Story | Part 4, At Gunpoint

May 19, 2019
Noah Bergland | What Life in Prison is like

Hey guys, Noah here, continuing on with this series of why I’m in prison… Part 4… So after I was hoping they’d keep me locked up but said I was…

Noah, Life in Prison

There are Good People on the Inside

April 16, 2019
Good People on the Inside | construction2style

Hey guys, Noah here. So, ever since I sent that letter from Nate, a past bunkmate of mine for ten months, I have wanted to talk about this topic. In…

Noah, Life in Prison

Diving Deep into my Why? | Part One

April 2, 2019

We talked a lot about this next series we’re about to dive into, “Noah’s why?” Should we share? Should he share? Will it embarrass our family? Will people be mad? How did…

Noah, Life in Prison

Visitors in Prison

March 25, 2019
Visitors in Prison | construction2style

Noah here! I am going to talk about the last two visits I received along with my views and feelings as a whole, in regards to visits, looking back on…

Noah, Life in Prison

Germs in Prison

March 11, 2019
Germs in Prison | construction2style

Haha! I’m starting this post off by laughing because the first time I went to see my brother, Noah, in prison was when he was in Milan, MI and he…