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Winter Cocktail, Sweater on the Inside

December 6, 2021
Winter Cocktail, Sweater on the Inside 1

Who’s ready to kick back and relax and enjoy a new winter cocktail this holiday season?! Here’s a riff on the classic whiskey sour to keep you warm this winter. Kyle…


Old Irish Cocktail

March 16, 2021
Old Irish Cocktail 8

This is a super easy cocktail using Irish whiskey that is a little outside of the box but extremely delicious. I was inspired to make this drink from Rob Jones…

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The Best Frozen Vodka Slush Recipe

March 7, 2020
Vodka Slush Recipe

It’s 62 degrees in MN today, which means it’s basically summertime! Haha!  We’re turning on the grill and busting out the slush’s even if snow is still on the ground….