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c2s workshops

How to Make a Tile Trivet

May 15, 2019

Two weeks ago, we were at the Pinner’s Conference where we taught two workshops and it was such a blast. If you’re wanting to learn more about how to tile…

diy tutorials

Tile Installation Tips

April 11, 2019
Tile Installation Tips | construction2style

We are SOOO excited to be out at Junk Bonanza again this year leading 5 DIY workshops! Two of which are talking tile, so we wanted to create a convenient…


Week 2, Guest Bath | DEMOOO DAY!

March 27, 2019
Jeffery Court Design Challenge - Week Two | construction2style

Week two of the six weeks of the One Room Challenge with Jeffery Court is here! And it’s deemmmmooo day! Our least favorite day in the construction process, to be…

diy tutorials

DIY Easter Eggs Styles

March 18, 2019
DIY Easter Egg Ideas | construction2style

Ever since I was a kid, Easter has always been one of my favorites. But let’s be honest, what holiday don’t I like? My mom would get me a fun…