Checklist Before Moving In New House

Moving to a new home? The excitement must be bubbling up at the prospect of a new neighborhood, new friends and new environment. Packing your stuff may sound easy and simple, but there are many things to consider and arrange when you move residence.

When you move home, you relocate almost everything in your life – from your smallest furniture, to your personal attachments. The least thing you need is an unorganized relocation that can mess up your head. We have listed down a checklist that you can refer to before you move home.

Checklist before moving into a new home

  • Change the locks

First things first, before you move to your new home, change the locks on those doors and secure the house. Safety first always, for you and your family.

  • Check the plumbing

Check the plumbing system of your new home if it fits your needs. Check for leaks and plumbing issues that may arise. It would also be good to have the neighborhood plumber on your contacts.

  • Clean the house

Before you start moving in your stuff to your new home, make sure that it is squeaky clean from dust and other bacteria-ridden dirt. Make sure that you attic (if you have one), ceilings and insulations are clean. You can seek help from a spray foam insulation company to maintain your insulation system.

  • Mail forwarding

One to-do item in your list that you should accomplish before you move is to arrange the forwarding of your mail to the new address. This is especially if you are expecting mails or packages that are yet to arrive. This is to ensure that you still receive these parcels.

  • Update your address

You will need to update your new address on all necessary areas – your identifications, your social security details, and your family. Your family should know your new address so that they know how to reach you in case of emergencies.

  • Update your license and car registration

Next thing to do is update your car registration and license with your new address. The law is strict on correct and updated car registrations and license to prevent and protect you from car trouble or theft.

  • Implement safety measures

Safety first and safety up until the last – after changing the locks, implement other safety processes that you will need should there be any sudden incidents. For instance, if you will move in an apartment building, it would be good to know where the emergency exits and stairs are, and to know where the fire extinguishers are. If you live in a single-type home, make friends with your surrounding neighbors.

  • Plan the move

Now that you’re all ready and have set up your basic necessities, it’s time to plan your move. It would be convenient to make just one trip in moving all your stuff. For that reason, you can rent a truck to help move your stuff. Pack your belongings and label your boxes for easy sorting.

Planning your move and organizing the details can build the bridge between a stressful life event to an exciting change. We often have little time to spend on moving home – what with other pressing responsibilities and concerns – so an organized move can take a lot of your load off and make moving to your new home stress-free.

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Victoria Williamson
6 years ago

Moving home is really stressing because there are so many things to think about before and after the move! We are preparing to move to the house we bought and I feel so overwhelmed because I can’t really remember everything that I need to do. This post is helping me put my thoughts together and start fixing everything one by one! Thank you for sharing!

Irene Emerson
6 years ago

Really helpful tips and advises. My sister is moving at the end of March and I’m sure she’ll be very glad to have your checklist so she could organize everything properly. I’m definitely recommending your post to some friends too. Thanks for sharing this nice info!