How to Choose Interior Doors That Are Right For You

How to Choose Interior Doors

This post was sponsored by Metrie. While we were compensated to write a post about Metrie, all opinions are our own.

How to Choose Interior Doors

Metrie is the leading manufacturer and distributor of solid wood and composite wood mouldings and the leading supplier of interior doors in Canada. They have distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada, and they offer products unparalleled in the industry with a passion for design, quality and service.

How to Choose the Right Interior Door | construction2style

As you guys all know by now, we love our moulding! Anytime we can add crown moulding to cabinetry, incorporate coffered ceilings into our designs, or add sophistication to a room with some wainscoting or paneling to blank walls; we are all about it.

We are currently working on another basement finish, and this client has hired us to complete the finishing selection details; trim, casing, doors, and even a custom designed and built bar. And we can’t wait to show you the full install in a few weeks!

Design Tip: Doors are the main component in the overall look of a well designed room.

This client is managing the basement finish on their own and brought us in for the overall design and custom carpentry work. And we are beyond thankful that they brought us in when planning out the entire project during the design phase. We can’t stress enough that carpentry work such as the trim, doors, moulding, etc. are not an afterthought in a room’s design. Even though you might not notice those details in all rooms, they complete the overall look and feel and can create a dramatic effect and elevate a room!

This client came to us for not only the instal but the overall design because they quickly realized that there are a lot of considerations to make when selecting their woodwork, or even paint colors. From the design style to the type of door construction the options are endless.

So today we wanted to share some tips for you to create a seamless design and follow a simple 3 step process on how to choose interior doors that are perfect for your home.

How to choose the right interior door | construction2style

Choose Your Design Style

The first step in how to choose interior doors is style. We always start by getting a sense of our clients design style. Do you like ornate details, straight or curved lines, or do you enjoy more of the craftsman look? Once we get a sense for what our clients love and hate we can quickly narrow down what style we want to incorporate into the space. You also make sure to pay attention to the size of the actual space that the doors will be going into as well as your overall design plan for the room.

For example, if it’s a smaller space and you’re incorporating bold wallpaper throughout you don’t want to get too carried away with a giant door that has a lot of ornate details. If this was the case you would probably want to either stick with a more simple door so that the focus was on the wallpaper or visa versa. So, if you’re going for a subtle wallpaper, go bold on that door and have some fun with not only the design but the color.

Design Tip: If the overall look of the space has heavy design stick with more of a classic door. But if the overall look of the space is pretty simple, go big and bold with the doors.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up! A lot times you think you have to go with one design style or paint color throughout your entire home even with the woodwork but we are firm believers that you don’t. You can mix however many different styles that you want as long as you have a consistent color pallet sprinkled throughout the room and home. Trust me, it’ll all tie in together and look great!

Have some fun in the space, and using some cool styled doors is the perfect place to make a bold statement! Tone it down in one room and spice it up in another. The same goes with colors. Adding some color to a door can make the world of a difference a space. I mean how fun are these navy blue doors complimented by the white wainscoting and subtle grasscloth wallpaper?!

How to Choose the Right Interior Door | construction2style

Choose Your Materials

One of the most important steps in how to choose interior doors is choosing the material. We always like to choose the door first before choosing the mouldings, trim and casing. Why? Because the door is going to create the biggest statement piece and then we can complement the casings and trim with the door afterwards. We then like to match the trim and moulding to the doors. You want to make sure it all flows together and that nothing is jumping out at someone when they walk into the room, not in a good way.

First when choosing your doors determine the amount of space you have for a door that will help solidify if you can do a French, double, or flush door. Once you’ve determined that you can choose whether you want a hollow, glass, solid, or intricate patterned doors based on the style you’re going with in the overall design of the room.

Design Tip: Upgrading your doors will not only have value to your home but give a luxury look.

How to Choose the Right Interior Door | construction2style

Metrie has an amazing program when picking out your material. Their Then & Now Finishing Collections makes it super simple to choose the style of moulding, trim, and inter with the look you want. Within each Collection, Metrie has coordinated doors and moulding profiles for you with various materials, sizes and designs so you can quickly and easily choose which ones best fits your design style and needs. They walk you right through the process so that you only need to make one choice at a time and not feel overwhelmed like so many of us do when choosing selections to updating our home.

How to Choose the Right Interior Door | construction2style

Frame, Hang & Install

And finally, the last step in how to choose interior doors, once you’ve chosen all your finishings that go with your style it’s time for the install! You can have the best looking door out there but if you frame and hang it wrong, it’ll quickly distract from the overall look of the house and might even costs you money in the long run.

If you’re going to DIY and looking for how to remove and install an interior door, as well as answer any key questions before purchasing, check out Metrie’s incredible guide here:  How to Install an Interior Door.

Design Tip: Do your research for when hanging doors or hire it out to a professional.

How to Choose the Right Interior Door | construction2style

[Photos via Metrie]

And there you have it, our tips on how to choose interior doors! With all the options out there we hope we were able to guide you into creating a beautiful space within your home. We can’t wait to see those gorgeous spaces of yours!


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Millie Hue
2 years ago

It really helped when you said that we should first look at the space that we will put it in before we choose the material we want. I will follow your advice now that I will be needing new ones since the old once have been rotted. It’s because this house we bought apparently has been around since the 80s.

megan alder
1 year ago

My husband and I just moved to our new house, and since we want to remodel our house interior doors we are looking for advice. I like that you recommend knowing what materials you want your door to be made of so that you can choose its style. I will definitely follow your advice, and I will start looking for a door seller and installer.


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