Client gifts with Hallmark

IMG_8741Let the holiday celebrations and gift giving begin! I can’t help but be inspired lately from all of the bloggers we follow and all the posts they have been writing this month about the things they are thankful for. November is a month for a time to reflect. As I mentioned the other day, I cried driving to work thinking about how grateful and blessed we have been this year. 2015 has been beyond good to us. And we all it all to you- our friends, family and clients.

We have now been blogging for 3 years- this month is actually our 3 year blogging anniversary.  The beginning of 2015 we decided to take construction2style to another level and pursue our home remodeling business. We had no idea what the year would hold and we have accomplished more than we can imagine. We had a few goals and dreams in mind and have completely surpassed them. It is only November and we are already booked until next summer. I can’t even fathom what 2016 is going to bring.

We absolutely love adore our clients. They have become some of our good friends. When working with our clients, we always give some sort of a thank you gift. So when we had the chance to partner with Hallmark we jumped. Typically I put together a gift basket of some sort to go with the theme of the room we renovated for them. We always give a MN cutting board with our logo engraved with a handful of other items.  Hallmark has a ton of great gifts for your gift giving.

For this kitchen inspired basket for one of our clients,  we went to Halmark and chose a couple of their Crafter & Co soaps, a holiday spoon rest, wooden spoons, and their adorable Christmas wreath cards.

Shop Hallmark for your own holiday celebrations.

IMG_8729 IMG_8730 IMG_8758 IMG_8751 IMG_8750 IMG_8748 IMG_8746 IMG_8732 IMG_8734 IMG_8736
IMG_8740 IMG_8743


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6 years ago

This a great idea for clients gifts! Love it.