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We’ve been keeping a secret for almost a year now and we’re finally ready to spill the beans…WE’RE BUILDING A FREAKING HOUSE FOR CLIENT! Eeek. We have officially partnered up and launched our own building company, Coalition Builders. 

Last December Jamie had been chatting with one of his industry friends, Josh, and after a few happy hours they were talking about partnering up to start a new build. When Jamie told me what they were thinking, I was 100% on board and wanted to start immediately. Jamie’s dream since he graduated from high school has been to be a builder. And no dream should ever not become a reality if you ask me.

After high school Jamie went to school for carpentry and built two houses from the ground up. Then after graduating from college he spent a summer working for a framing contractor before coming back to Minneapolis and working for a family owned commercial waterproofing company, Spec 7, for five years. Tom and Kathy Wickstrom, who are the owners of Spec 7, were incredible mentors to Jamie.They always helped keep his eyes open and vision clear. I always give so much credit to them for where we are now. I can’t count how many stories Jamie told me of things he had learned from Tom either out in the field or the conversations they had in the car. I think he always knew what Jamie was destined for and I know helped push him to where he is today.

It’s through the people we surround ourselves with and the experiences we’ve had that lead us to where we are now, I’m a true believer in. And through all of the work he’s been doing in and still does in the field and by surrounding himself with incredible human beings (and some not so incredible), he was even more determined to start his own remodeling company while keeping the goal of becoming a builder in mind.

Josh and his wife, Katie, own Northface Construction. Jamie actually met Josh while working at Spec 7 a handful of years back before they both started running their own businesses. Josh founded Northface Construction that focuses on exterior residential remodeling such as siding, roofing, additions and more. And being we’re all about the interiors over here we thought it would be a perfect fit to partner with them for a new building company.

We're Building! 1

So here we are…building our very first home for a client up in Zimmerman. We’ve been working on the design plans since this past spring, footings were officially poured a couple weeks ago and framing started this past week. Super cool to see the house already starting to take shape.

Elk River Design + Build Contractor | Coalition Builders

And we’ve already quickly learned not to bring the G-man with us up to the site. There is no getting that little boy out of those dirt piles… or daddy for that matter. haha!

Elk River Design + Build Contractor | Coalition Builders

Elk River Design + Build Contractor | Coalition Builders

Elk River Design + Build Contractor | Coalition Builders

And being we finally have the website up and running we’re ready to shout it out to the world and let you all in on the full scoop.  We’ll post all about our first build on our social channels and over on our website, Coalition Builders. So if you’d like to see behind the scenes of our first project catch us over on Facebook or Instagram. And if you’re looking to build a new home – hit us up! Because so far, this has been a pretty dang fun experience and we are eager to get started on a new build for next summer.

Elk River Design + Build Contractor | Coalition Builders

We're Building! 2

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