Country Doors: Why They Are Popular and 9 Gorgeous Examples

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It wasn’t long ago where doors were just doors.

They served a purely utilitarian purpose of closing off rooms when privacy was needed, and that’s just about it. No style. No creativity.

However, that has since drastically changed. Today, homeowners are looking to bring some additional character to their homes by installing unique doors.

One of the most popular, anti-cookie cutter door styles is the country door.

There isn’t an exact definition of what a “country door” is, but they are often referred to as farmhouse or barn doors, and they are typically wooden. Many of them also are sliding doors, as opposed to the traditional hinged door.

One of the reasons these types of doors are so popular is because they are unique. You won’t see them in many homes. Also, they are also a fun way to change up the status quo for the look of an interior door. Country doors also bring a level of warmth and a rustic feeling to any interior. If you’re stuck in the suburbs but long for the days of living out in the country, you can get a little piece of that country living by adding a country door to your home.

If that sounds like you, then check out these 10 examples of country doors to inspire you!


Courtesy of Pinterest
This door is about as rustic as you can get! It gives off a very un-manufactured and natural look while still not only being decorative but also functional.

Courtesy of Decor Pad

Country doors are an excellent selection for bathroom doors. It creates a whole new feeling inside so whether you’re getting ready for the day or relaxing in the bath, transport yourself to a comforting and warm environment that a country door provides.

Courtesy of Design Sponge

Here we have the barn door variation of the country door, which is another great way to change the “feel” of a room. Adding one of these sliding doors to your home is anything but a subtle change, which helps completely transform your interior to create that country vibe.

Courtesy of Beautiful Chaos Companies

Country doors don’t always have to be warm in nature. These white sliding country doors work perfectly with the warmth of the wooden floor. It’s a clean look and helps increase the allure of opening the door to find a room with wooden walls beyond it.

Courtesy of Couture Deco

A non-sliding door, this country door has that unfinished, rustic look that looks just as good as those that are touched up. We also love the color choice for this one.

Courtesy of Studio McGee

This absolutely stunning country door is another example of how these doors can be used for the exterior of homes. The large window and design create a very welcoming feeling as visitors approach the home and will also help bring in some natural light.

Courtesy of Midwest Home Magazine

Back to the sliding doors, here is a masterfully constructed two-piece sliding door. This is a great illustration that when it comes to country doors, you’re only limited by your creativity, as the possibilities are truly endless in terms of customizing one for your home.

Courtesy of Country Living

This two-piece hinged door, falling more into the barn door category, should inspire you to dare to be bold with your door choices.

Courtesy of Country Living

The pantry is another great spot in your home to implement a country door. These dark, wooden sliding doors are the perfect combination of rustic and elegance.


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