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Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live | construction2style

I’m so excited to be back on Twin Cities Live today talking about the art trends, what I’m seeing, and what you’ll be seeing at the American Craft Show this weekend, April 5-7, at the RiverCentre in St. Paul.

Last year was our first time being at the show and boy, had we been missing out! This year, we’re loading up all the goodies for styling our future clients homes.

We’ve been seeing this shift when it comes to not only styling in interiors, but also in remodeling. There’s this bigger makers movement happening right now and we’re loving it! Homeowners are missing the real life connection and don’t just want this “stuff” in their homes anymore, they want something that has a story behind it. Cabinets, tiles, flooring, artwork on the wall, dishes they use everyday, and the things they use to serve their guests.

Craft has been around forever, but we’ve definitely seen surges over the centuries. Or I guess, I haven’t seen them, but I’ve read about them, and it’s pretty cool to be in a time now where I’m living through it. This may be the fourth wave as we know it. The first was at the beginning of the 20th century and was called the Arts and Crafts movement, the second was mid-century in the 1960s when the handmade became part of the hippie lifestyle, the third wave which is related to DIY, alternative energy and sustainable living styles happened in 2010. And now, here we go again!

All of these movements come from global, social, political and cultural circumstances that happen throughout time. It’s really fascinating to me, but I won’t dive into it too deep right now.

But here are the big things we’re seeing in this shift in 2019!

Less is More, Craving Meaning behind Pieces

More and more people in 2019 are embracing Minimalism.

Remove anything in your home that isn’t adding value to your life, and replace it with items that do.

My favorite quote, I say time and time again from the lovely Mercedes Austin, something she told me when we were remodeling our own kitchen, “Create a space you love and your life will launch off of that.”

Everyday I’m looking at our home and when I look at something that does nothing for me, I’m literally putting it into our guest bedroom and now I guess I’m preparing for a giant rummage sale soon. We’re noticing this shift that everyone is wanting less stuff and wanting more timeless pieces. Every piece in your home should be a conversational piece.

One of a Kind Ceramics

Joanna Buyert is the one woman show behind Fringe and Fettle Ceramics, located here in the Twin Cities. One of my favorite things that drew me to her was how simple her why is – she makes things she loves. Her pieces are meant to be used and also well loved, she finds the balance between form and function. “My pots are simple and clean, a frozen moment captured in my delicate white porcelain shapes.”

We used her pieces here in styling one of our most recent kitchen renovations.

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 1

And here’s a few more of her pieces that I absolutely love and will be buying at the show!

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 2

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 3

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 4

Stories behind Products

We’re big believers that anything you put into your home should be a conversational piece, so when we came across Candy Relics I had so many questions about the story in where it came from. These guys are located in Portland, OR, where they are a product design team hand-making their work to capture the beauty of yesterday in the form of a modern today. How cool is that? I had to re-read that a few times.

They quote on their site, “Working primarily in the medium of ceramics, our goal is to harness the relics of the past and bring them forward, rejuvenated, into the candy sweetness of today.”

From transforming motor oil bottles to bleach bottles, to cheese boards and cups, they have the most unique designs that are sure to bring a lot of stories behind.

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 5

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 6

Natural Wood Elements

The Natural Edge is also one that you’ll want to know the story behind. He has literally had chunks of trees cut off from in Australia and knows the story behind them. I had the opportunity to visit his shop and was in awe, not only of the materials, but also all the things you could do with it. From cheese trays to the table where the hosts at Twin Cities Live sit, to walls and so much more. It was really cool to see in person. These guys will be at the American Craft council show this weekend for the first time, but they aren’t first timers to the show. They’ve been coming and shopping for many years.

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 7

Handcrafted, One of a Kind

When I came across Gordon Browning pieces, they literally stopped me in my tracks! This once was piece of wood, a log, and how he transforms them into these gorgeous bowls is mind boggling! I love how he creates these and it’s so fascinating. I can’t wait to chat with him more about everything at the show!

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 8

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 9

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 10

Have you heard of Paper Art? I am amazed by Judith + Rolfe and their artwork. By combining techniques such as quilling, folding, cutting, and layering, each piece is handcrafted out of paper and glue to create custom and unique artwork. Judith is the artist and maker of the operation. Rolfe is the behind-the-scenes problem-solver and logistics guy. Both of our backgrounds are rooted in architecture, hence they enjoy modern, simple and clean design. Geometry, nature, and typography are constant themes in the work. If you need inspiration overload visit their Instagram.

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 11

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 12

Global Impact with Textiles

We’ve also been seeing this shift of global trends when it comes to the textiles in interiors. Homeowners are wanting to buy local, but also to incorporate materials or design elements they’ve seen globally. Tribal and Scandinavian has been a big ones! And when we came across Custom Woven Interiors textiles for rugs, it’s everything homeowners are looking fo, not only with rugs, but also for pillows and curtains.

As Custom Woven Interiors says on their site, “Our custom designs are a collaboration between the ingenuity of the weaver and the client’s discriminating taste. Each piece is designed for a client and woven in a limited run so our stock is always changing. The traditional Scandinavian rep weave creates textiles of an enduring nature. Its geometric structure enhances linear design styles and the rich texture lends dimension to this flat weave technique. The threads are tightly interlocked for increased wearability. Our textiles are made of all natural, color–fast cotton and linen yarns. They are reversible and washable.”

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 13

Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 14

Here’s just small glimpse of what you’ll be seeing at the show with over 100 vendors! Hope to see you guys there and if you’ve been before leave a comment below and let us know what vendors we can’t miss out on!





Craft Trends with Twin Cities Live 15

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